New Year’s Resolutions

I have never been a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. On one hand I should be because I am a personal trainer and what better time of year for me to gain new clients than when people resolve to lose weight. On the other hand, someone once promised to make me the happiest woman alive for the rest of my life as their resolution. So, I’m kind of in the middle when it comes to resolutions.

However, this year I have resolved to DE-clutter my life and our house. In the spirit of my yoga practice and teachings, I am trying to learn to Let Go of things I do not need. Our house is by no means full and I am not even on the verge of being a hoarder, but I need to feel some freedom from the things around me; some space from the crowding of possessions creeping toward me.

The task began yesterday by going through my children’s toys. I remember when I was young my mother trying endlessly to organize our toys this way and that to make room and tame the chaos. Thank goodness I only have two children’s things and not four to wrangle. But still, after Christmas has come and gone, and with less than a month until our oldest’s 3rd birthday, one thing I can say for sure: We do not need any more toys!

Each day this year I am going to try and eliminate one more useless thing from our house and from my care. Yesterday it was some unused toys that are headed to GCF to fulfill some other child’s hopes and dreams. Today…..the infamous New Year’s Letter goes out to rid me of the past year, bring in the next, and empty the stack of envelopes on my counter.

Inhale the good and exhale the bad….BREATHE!