Old School

You know what was nice about having a real camera with film? Letting someone else do the work when you’re done with a roll. I wish I could still be that old school. Instead I am kind of middle school in the fact that I do have a digital camera and post my pictures, but do not have a smart phone that I use as my only camera and instantly post every picture I take to my social media site. Instead I am sitting here (and have been working on this for over 24 hours) patiently waiting for my Google + page to upload my thousands of November and December photos that I am very behind in posting for my friends and family.

I had set a goal last year some time to do this at the end of every month….technically on the first of the next month. However, that goal has yet to be met. I hope that keeping resolutions this year will include meeting goals like this one. The good news is that if I get all of 2013’s photos up and captioned before the end of this month then I have a good chance of getting off on the right foot as of February 1.

I guess it’s the same no matter how you look at it. Patience is a virtue and I would have to have it either way. So here I am Middle School!

What real photos (and I) looked like in the ’80’s.