Tiny Things

Everyone always says not to sweat the small stuff, but they never tell you to find happiness in all those same small things. In ridding my life of clutter, I am ridding my heart of unhappiness. I am trying to find joy in and appreciation of every little thing. And, it’s funny what you kind find when you consider all things small.

For instance, the other night I was talking to a good friend of mine about the healing process she’s been going through after a major surgery last year. Somehow or other we got on to the topic of pelvic floor muscles. Those tiny little muscles that most of us never think about are truly the support for your entire body. When doing my “33 of something” that night I chose to do pelvic tilts. That simple little exercise trains and strengthens those pelvic floor muscles which gives me a good chance at avoiding a laundry list of ailments in the future.

Another little thing that I never thought I’d appreciate so much in my life is the feeling of little arms around my neck. I have two amazing children who are a blessing to me. After years of trying to have children in my first marriage and multiple doctors saying that it just might not be a possibility; each of my children seem like a little miracle. It’s not like on Friends where Ross and Monica’s parents consider him their miracle child and Monica just came along later. Both of my children are a gift.

One of my favorite tiny things that I’ve been enjoying lately is my older son’s tiny sense of humor that’s emerging. Some of it is a little smart alecky, but something to be cherished all the same. When he has a toy taken away it gets set on top of a bookcase in our living room. The other night he cutely told his dad that when he gets bigger, he’s just going to get the toys down. This little gem has kept me laughing for almost a week now.

I love that there are those little moments in life that take your breath away with laughter. I love that every day I see tiny smiles. I love that each part of me functions and has a purpose that works together in harmony. I love that I too have a purpose and a function in this life. I love the tiny and simple “Namaste” which means that I respect the goodness in you and you respect the goodness in me.

Enjoy your tiny victories each day. Respect yourself for who you are. Love those around you always.