Vampires, Visitors, and Visions of Baby Serial Killers

My mom was here this last week and I’ve totally fallen off the wagon of all of my New Year’s resolutions due to her visit. Now, I’m not blaming my mom, but it’s very hard to entertain family and take care of your family and take care of yourself and projects. The hardest part was that the weather was a lot cooler than it usually is in Wilmington which kept us (and the kids) indoors a lot more. If my kids do not get outside each day, they are a little on the crazy side….even the almost 8 month old. The second challenge was that my oldest turned 3 while my mom was here and we make a very special cake for each birthday. This year was especially challenging as we used the Wilton Color Flow to create some animals to go on the train cake we created. It was made from 3 pound cakes which my borrowed loaf pans decided to burn. The cake took a lot of time and energy. I had to carve off burnt cake to find good workable cake. I had to carve a train engine out of a cake, create a box car, and build a caboose out of cake and graham crackers; all while managing a 3 year old and 7 month old screaming for my attention and trying to get to bed before midnight. Needless to say, I’ve eaten my share of frosting and cookies this week while missing all of my workouts.

I always think that having my mom here means that I will get a break from the kids. My mom is amazing with her grandkids and they love her! However, she lives so far away that she doesn’t know their routines. She ends up giving me a 50% break, enough to catch my breath, but not enough to feel fully rejuvenated without my workouts. Each night I was still so worn out that we sat on the couch with my husband and watched Dexter.

We’re not binge TV watchers, but we don’t have cable. We use our Roku to stream Netflix and Hulu Plus and watch shows that are already over. We are never up to date on what is going on with any show and I’m okay with that. What I am not okay with is that my youngest looks like a serial killer. Michael C. Hall is a good looking guy. He’s the main character on the show, Dexter, a serial killer out to avenge murders and serve justice where the justice system has failed. It’s a really great show and funny despite the main theme of the show. However, my husband and I have noticed more and more that our baby looks strongly like Dexter and that’s just not cool. I have had more than one weird dream about baby serial killers. Wouldn’t be so bad if he were a baby “cereal” killer.

Last disturbing thing for the week…..if you write a blog you have the ability to see where people coming to your blog are referred from. If you have read this blog you know that I write about fitness and family. So, it perplexes me that the majority of my referrals are coming from a website for VAMPIRES! So, for all of you blood sucking creatures of the night, here is a little fitness tip:
Exercising before bed has been proven to improve your sleep. So, if those blackout curtains are not doing enough to keep you snoozing all day long, try some sun salutations to improve flexibility and quiet your mind prior to climbing into that coffin to catch your zzzzzz’s.

Remember all that tomorrow is another day and even if you haven’t accomplished your goals or wandered off path, we should always respect ourselves for what we have been able to do. Appreciate your body, your mind, and your soul.