Mommy Fail

“Mommy Fail” is a term that a friend of mine down the street once used and I have since pirated. Today is a total mommy fail for me. Today I feel like no matter how much inner peace I try to channel, my children have won the battle to destroy me.

My oldest is 3 and every other mom I have talked to who once had a 3 year old has experienced the same power struggle we are having now. This would be more reassuring to me if it were not for one haunting memory of my own. I know I had to be about 3 myself when it occurred and I do not blame my mother for saying this to me. However, I remember sitting in my chair at the dinner table one night and having her turn to me and vividly, as if it were happening again at this very moment, she said, “Whatever happened to my good little girl?”

So many times this week I have wanted to SHOUT this at my own child! It’s been a bad week with the combination of my mom heading home to Iowa and the weather making our town shut down. My 3 year old has not gotten to any of his regular activities this week which allow him an outlet for his energy. He has not been rewarded by nature with time to play outside. He has been forced off of his schedule and earned only two grumpy parents in return. So, it should come as no surprise that my regularly delightful and funny little man is also a grumpy, wild, and otherwise aggressive ball of trouble.

Therefore, today, when I honestly feel like putting my children up for sale on Craigslist, I will just try to remember that I do not have to be the perfect mom; I just have to be the perfect mom for these two kids……

Now, if it weren’t so crappy out from the fake snow storm we had, I could remedy all of this with a good run!