First Steps

I am patiently awaiting the day that my youngest takes his first steps. I am also dreading it. He is currently 8 1/2 months old and is starting to pull up on everything and will take steps if you hold his arms. My oldest started walking at about 9 1/2-10 months old, so the little guy shouldn’t be too far off of that same mark. I will be so excited for him because he will be truly free to move about the house at that point. He won’t need me to pick him up as much and he will be able to reach more things and play more with his older brother. However, this will signal the end of the baby era at our house. And that makes me want to cry.

So, to keep my mind off of it, I decided to get back to my fitness goals for the year and take my “first steps”. I went for my first run of 2014 this morning. My usual walking partner has a cold, so I figured that I would just venture out on my own…..well, my own and the boys that is. Some things I learned about myself today:

First, I am no longer 23 or 29 or even 32. Last year when I started back running after a cool winter break I was able to just jump right into it and take off with a rather nice 9:30/mile pace. That dropped off as I got pregnant, but I was still happily walking almost 5 miles a day at about 13:30-14:00 mile paces until E got here. Today I ran 1.07 miles at a pace of 10:56/mile. Age has a lot to do with the slowing down. It effects your metabolism as well as your muscle building capacity. Getting old kind of stinks, but I’m not “old” yet, because my kids aren’t old enough to tell me I am. So, for the time being, I will just remember that getting back into shape takes time.

Speaking of shape…..I once had a client tell me that she had a shape; it was just round. As a personal trainer, that made me laugh so hard I almost cried. Thank you so much for that Julanda! I still tell people that to this day. Her training partner, Alicia, told me that women don’t sweat, we glow. Second thing I learned about myself today: I stink. I only know this because my oldest flat out told me that I was stinky like Da-Dee is when he goes running. So, I had to remind myself that exercise is not pretty and that I can’t expect to be either while I’m doing it. It’s hard work.

And in regards to hard work, I ran for only 11 minutes and 27 seconds today, but continued walking for another 17 minutes after that. I played at a park with my son while the baby slept in the stroller. I came home and cleaned house and just now am I sitting down to take a break to write this. There is a lot of fitness information going around right now about 7 minute high intensity workouts. While I truly believe that they can produce amazing results, remember that even the simplest changes in your life like moving more and eating less will have the greatest impact on your overall well-being. I play with my kids as in run around, chase them, grab them up in the air, jump up and down, wrestle with them, climb on things and pretend we are on adventures because it keeps them active and sets a good example for them. It is hard work raising children whether you stay at home or work full time, but the hardest and most important part of it all is leading by example. Be active if you want your kids to be active too!

If you’re thinking of taking up running this year check out some of the Couch to 5K programs out there. Get yourself a quality (not necessarily expensive) pair of running shoes that are fitted properly. I currently shop at Omega Sports and have them look at my cadence and help me find the right pair. There are a lot of shops out there that offer this service. Even if you do not end up buying your shoes from them, take advantage of that free professional advice. And finally, keep track of your progress. I love using the website Map My Run. They have recently partnered up with My Fitness Pal and if I had a smart phone I’d have both on there to help me track all of my health and fitness goals.

Finally, I ran today when it was chilly and windy and my lungs burned. It reminded me that I need to continue to work on controlling my breathing and relax no matter what I do. Because, as Pete the Cat says…..It’s All Good.


4 thoughts on “First Steps

  1. I have the C25K app on my phone, and I love the feeling of seeing each workout checked off as I finish. Good luck Mama Bear! Your cubs are lucky to have an example like you!


  2. Hi Lisa and Welcome! I have never used the C25K program other than with a few clients. I have usually trained for triathlons, but I am thinking of trying it out myself. It's always good to be able to see your progress to keep you motivated to stick with a training program!PS-I love your Great Dane! I used to have two, Mazzarah and Atreyu, and I miss them dearly!


  3. Atreyu, like from The Neverending Story? That is amazing. Great Danes are a girl's best friend. I'd do triathalons except for that whole riding a bike thing… never learned!


  4. Yes, like the Neverending Story. 🙂 Have you heard about balance bikes? They are a great way to learn how to ride a bike for any age. First you just learn how to balance and coast. That way, when you're ready for a real bike, the pedaling coordination isn't as bad. A friend of mine's husband works for a company that makes them and they use them to teach kids how to ride.


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