Dear Hotel,

Why would you ever need to walk your guests? I don’t need to be walked! I walk enough on my own. I understand walking a dog, but I am not a pet; I am a paying customer. I don’t appreciate showing up at your hotel at 11:30pm only to be sent to another hotel that gives me a dirty room, then one by the elevator, then 5 hours later tells me I have to check out because they don’t have any room for me. They had to walk more of their guests later today and probably didn’t appreciate you handing off your load to them.  I just wanted to sleep for more than 4 1/2 hours prior to teaching Pilates all day.

The Bleary-Eyed Traveler That Almost Slept In Her Rental Car

Move of the Day:

Thank you Ryan Snook. I love your image!

On a side note: Before I left town there was a “FOUND CAT” sign at the round-about. Maybe the pseudo serial killer had a change of heart…..or maybe he is trying to lure in a human victim with false hope of finding a lost pet?!