Eggs and Chicks

So, the eternal question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Today we went to story time at our local library and they had baby chicks there for the kids to pet and admire. It was great fun, but my mother in law would have had a fit. She’s always worried about kids and petting zoos etc. There was a large bottle of hand sanitizer right next to the chicks, so I’m sure that all the germophobic moms would be okay with their kids touching domesticated animals. I was okay with both of my kids touching the chicks because I’m okay with anything that exposes my kids to new experiences. My grandparents had a farm when I was growing up and my uncle still runs it today. My oldest son was put in a pasture full of cows last July for us to take pictures of him on a farm. He drove a tractor, played in the dirt, and ran barefoot in the grass chasing lightning bugs with his grandma. I love things like that for kids.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine were talking about a similar chicken vs egg debate in regards to kids menus at restaurants. The question is: Which came first, chicken nuggets as kids’ food or chicken nuggets because that’s what kids like? I wonder how many times kids are exposed to chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, mini pizzas, corn dogs, hot dogs, chicken strips, cheese burgers, pbj sandwiches, etc because we think of these things as kids’ foods. Or, did these items become labeled as kids’ foods because they truly fit the tastes of those little people?

Luckily for me, my three year old eats a wide variety of foods, but I still struggle with what to feed him when we go out to eat. He has finally gotten too big for me to share a meal with him when we go out, so I am forced between three decisions. A: Give him something off of the kids’ menu that doesn’t align with the food that I would normally feed him. B: Order an adult meal that comes in more healthy options and costs a lot more, but then feed him more like he is used to. or C:Continue to share my meal and then end up needing to eat again after we get home.

Have you ever faced this situation? How have you dealt with it? Do you bring meals to restaurants for your kids? Which restaurants do you take your kids to eat at? At what age did you let them have their own meals at restaurants?

All of these thoughts on eating bring me to an interesting concept regarding yoga and eating. I recently read a book about yoga, The Science of Yoga, in which I learned that the practice of yoga can actually make you gain weight because it slows your metabolism as well as breathing rate and heart rate. So, why do we not see a bunch of overweight yogis? It turns out that it’s all because the lifestyle associated with the practice of yoga can outweigh the negative effects of a slowing metabolism.

The lifestyle associated with the practice of yoga has changed my life in many ways, but also in respect to my eating habits and how I treat my body in regards to food. In yoga we think of our bodies as our temples. We try to protect that temple and not to poison it with over processed foods, chemical additives, etc. I do my best each day to eat as clean as I can in balance with my budget and my husband’s preferences. My oldest son is a great balance of the two of us and I hope that our younger son will be as well. I will always wish that I can do more and that the scales will tip in my favor.

Therefore, I think that the chicken came first to protect her egg and that the chicken nugget is a product of marketing. I will inhale the clean ideals of my practice and exhale the toxins surrounding me. I will treat my body as a temple, but also the bodies of my family and especially my children.

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  1. My son is only 1.5 yr old, but we go out to eat once a week to keep him used to behaving in public. I usually pack some fruit, share my meal with him, and order a side of avocado for him. Between those three things, we are usually both satisfied. I think the side of avocado (usually a half of an avocado) costs less than $1.00 and leaves more on my plate for me. This works at anywhere from burger joints to home-cooking places to Mexican food.


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