Delayed again

It seems to be a trend for me and travel home on Sunday nights that I will be delayed. However, this time I have not been separated from my luggage or any portion of it. So blessings all around. I had a wonderful yoga workshop this weekend that invigorated me in my practice as often happens when I get to spend some time with my peers. I view all yoga teachers, new or seasoned, as my peers. I like to have someone else lead me from time to time so that I can let go of the thoughts that go with planning your own practice or teaching others.

So, it’s Sunday night and instead of doing a weekly wrap up as a lot of bloggers do, I have decided to start a weekly preview. Since I love setting goals to meet, now I will let you know some topics you can expect to see this week if you stop by and breathe with me. I would love you to join me in a discussion about some of these musings on life and my new journey.

This week I’m going to let you know why my friend SARRAH (not a misspelling) is the best friend in the whole wide world and how I plan to make her laugh later this week. I’m going to be sharing some more info from Amy Weintraub’s book Yoga for Depression and some of the insights in to my own life that this study of yoga is bringing me. Let’s talk a little about technology overload, kids and technological devices, and nurturing a whole human being. And I plan to hit another 25 miles this week despite missing my run today due to travel. I have now made my MapMyRun profile public so feel free to follow along with my workouts and share some of your favorites as well.

I hope that this Sunday night (or Monday morning if you’re already in bed as I write this….LUCKY YOU!) finds you healthy and happy and approaching the week ahead with open arms and minds.

From the Charlotte-Douglas Airport (because I’m still not home yet again) – May the 4th….be with you. That joke comes courtesy of Tony Ludlow at If you’re in the Memphis area, check him out for all of your training needs; yoga included.

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