Adventures in Breastfeeding Part Two: Teething and The Worst Run EVER!

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re part of life’s comedy routine?

My youngest son is teething….or better stated, is constantly teething. He seems to bite a lot and chew on things a lot and still only has 5 teeth. We call him (and his brother before him) the beaver while teething because one of his (their) favorite things to chew on is wood. This includes firewood stacked next to the fireplace, sticks found in the yard, and furniture around the house. He has one of those amber necklaces to help with the pain of teething and the drooling. He hasn’t been much of a drooler, but, from my experience, every child I’ve ever seen wearing those things has been slow to cut their teeth. So, I’m thinking about taking it off and cutting our losses on the $23 as I don’t think it’s working all that well.

Point in case: The weekend before this last weekend, while nursing, he bit me…HARD! Now, I’m used to the usual bites on the shoulder or the leg (hence the term ankle biter I guess), but nipple bites are a horse of a different color. It hurt so bad that I pulled back while “screaming” and trying to bite my own lip all at once. When my first son was young and teething I’d read that you’re just supposed to push their heads in and not make a fuss, but then firmly tell them “no” (or in our case we say “bad, bad”), but not to overreact as it might scare the baby and make them uneasy about nursing. Well, my first son bit me once and I (although prepared to handle it the “right” way), totally overreacted and scared him and he cried because he is a sensitive boy and cares about others. He never bit me again while nursing, never wore an amber necklace, got almost all of his teeth by age 1 and nursed just fine until 14 months.

This little one looked up at me and got mad that I had yanked my nipple out of his mouth and cried about that and not because he felt sorry for me. I know it wasn’t about me because he has bitten me again on that same spot twice more since. Now I’m feeling like I should be singing, “There’s a hole in my nipple Dear Liza, Dear Liza. There’s a hole in my nipple Dear Liza, a HOLE!” It is very painful, red, swollen, a little deformed, etc. I’ve been using lanolin to keep it from getting infected and it seems to be “helping?”…..I think that’s the best word to use, but the thing you don’t think of when nursing is what to do with a nipple injury. Sure there are lots of times you will have chapped and cracked, sore and swollen nipples while nursing, especially when the baby is new. But never was I prepared for or discussed with what to do in case of a full on injury!

To make matters worse I chose to go out for a “quick run” on Friday. Yes, Friday the 13th….oooooooo. Well, I just took the little guy with me and did a 2.11 loop around Silver Lake area and impressed myself again with a nice 9:20/mile pace for the run. Impressed because there were some complications to my run. For one thing, did I mention that it’s gotten hotter than the SUN here in Wilmington lately? I went out for my run around 5pm and still I sweated about 20 buckets as I was trying to hurry to get done and showered before our friends came over for dinner.

Second, my shoes are worn out and I need a new pair. It’s that time, it’s been almost 6 months and they’re starting to feel loose when I run and unsupportive. I’m going to eventually learn how to run barefoot again, but need to work into that and therefore still need good shoes for the time being. I tried tieing them a little tighter on Friday and that was another big mistake as one foot felt strangled throughout my short little jaunt.

Finally, I battled the dreaded nipple rub during my run. I know a lot of distance runners will do crazy things to keep their nipples from bleeding like dousing them in Vasoline or putting BandAids on them and even going shirtless if they’re male. But how do you prevent a hole in your nipple from inhibiting your run? On top of the bleeding/sticky/nipple in my bra, I have come to realize that I’m also in need of a much better bra. In my teens I could get away with running in the uniboob bra that I’m accustomed to buying. However, at 33 it’s not such a viable option. I am considering saving up to purchase The Last Resort Bra from Title Nine to save me from having my knockers knock my knees in the future, but I’m not sure I can justify the money at this time without a race to plan for etc. If you’ve never been over to browse Title Nine then you are missing out. And if you live close enough to one of their stores, I am JEALOUS! They got one in Colorado Springs right after I moved away and I never got to go inside. Super sadness! 😦

Honestly, this all added up to what felt like the worst run every and I was really shocked to see my time. Which brings me to my final little bit of irony today. Just before my run I was on MapMyRun looking at my most recent goal of hitting 28 workouts in 28 days (I missed it by a few) and decided to restart one of my old goals which was to get a better time. I couldn’t remember what the goal time was, but I popped it in gear anyway and lo and behold the goal time was 9:30/mi. So, life, thank you for making me be proud of myself while also laughing in my face!

Happy Tuesday all!

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  1. I put it back on him the other day because he was biting a lot again and I thought it might help, but now it's disappeared (I'm pretty sure I took it off for a bath and never put it back on) and the supposed tooth still hasn't appeared. It's a much different experience than with Ike.


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