Smile while you run….la, la, la, la, la, la, la

*Originally for posting on Monday, June 30*

If you’ve never seen Snow White you are missing out….or maybe you never had sisters or daughters. Either way, it was my inspiration for my run today. I had a goal in mind to accomplish an alternating interval run/walk of 5.21 miles today and I did so in under an hour (10:45/mi, check it out on MapMyRun). YAY ME! But the real victory was that every interval I ran I smiled. I smiled at first a forced fake smile. Then it became more natural. Then I was just happy that I was getting close to the end and the baby was asleep and it wasn’t too hot out and I was under my hour goal time. What I noticed though, as I ran, is that every time I caught myself not smiling I started to feel short steps and bouncy and tired. Then I plastered on the grin and the legs felt free again. I almost thought I was floating at one point like a little blue bird. It was PHENOMENAL and I highly encourage you to try it on your next exercise adventure.

The only thing that is holding me back from having pretty much perfect runs while pushing the two boys is the jogging stroller. If you’ve ever run with a jogging stroller you’ve probably noticed that they’re not all the same. There are even imposter strollers out there that look like joggers, but when you go to buy them they say: Not Intended For Jogging. WHAT?! (We made that mistake once and had the whole thing assembled, but the tire was flat and upon reading the instructions found out we couldn’t run with it anyway so we returned it and got a different, actual jogging, stroller.)

When my first son was born I was all gung-ho about wanting to get back into jogging, so eventually my husband found me a floor model jogging stroller that seemed to fit all of my needs. It also was highly discounted and could be “easily” wedged into the front seat of my Honda Civic Hybrid….assuming that I never wanted to put the car in Reverse. Oh, did I forget to mention that I still drive a manual transmission vehicle because I like to be in control of my machines?

Anywho….I ended up with  a Baby Trend Velocity that didn’t come with the running strap and the speakers worked once and the pedometer never did. Aside from all of that, it was a really great stroller that helped me to get back into regular running and walking and also made it easy for me to join some other moms who had kids that year and walk with them regularly. However, it shakes sometimes when you run too fast (even with the front wheel locked) and it pulls to the left, so I don’t feel comfortable pushing it too far ahead of me.

When number two was on the way we started searching for a double jogging stroller. We couldn’t afford full price on a single, much less a double, so we searched on Craigslist. I had in mind a few different types I was looking for and we settled on another Baby Trend jogger, this time the Navigator. However, this was an older model and it doesn’t have the speakers on it. We got a great deal on it and it came with the car seat attachment which allowed me to get back to walking much sooner. When the littlest one was old enough to sit in the big seat I started running.

This is what I am pushing every time I go out with both boys:

  • Stroller – 43lbs
  • Kid 1    – 36lbs
  • Kid 2    – 23lbs

This makes for a total current weight of 102lbs not counting water bottles, toys, snacks, and my phone (currently my time keeper for runs and walks). It would be nice if the stroller would roll, but mine does not. I keep the tires properly inflated, but unless its down hill  it doesn’t go when I push it out in front of me. The front left wheel shakes even when it is locked and the whole stroller pulls to the right. Thus, my right arm gets quite the workout pushing it back across my body. It, at times, also makes me feel like I’m running across my body, but I’ve been paying enough attention to my running style of late to compensate for that and keep me facing forward. I’ve looked online for any suggestion as to how to fix these problems with my stroller and my husband has tightened and straightened it all. I would love to not have to invest in a new one, nor do I want to continue to feel like Sly in Rocky 4 while training.

For now I will just be smiling while I run as it keeps my mind off of the negative.