4 Magic Words

You know those 3 little words that everyone wants to hear? They are not at the top of my list right now. Instead I want to hear 4 magic words: “I have to poop!” No joke.

We are now at the end of the third week of no more Pampers Easy-Ups at our house. My 3 1/2 year old is being a champ and has really gotten the hang of the bathroom thing…for the most part. We have had a few close calls, but mostly we’re getting in there on time without fail. I don’t remember learning to use the bathroom as a small child and I hope he won’t remember it either. Thus, why it is hard for me to relate to being “scared” of pooping. The terror on his face sometimes is confusing. It’s just poop.

Some of my favorite quotes from the past three weeks include:
“I pooped!” (with a look of surprise)
“See, I just let it out. I just let the poop out.”
“I can do this every day.”
“I pooped in the toilet. Now I get a cupcake.” (Yeah, we were bribing rewarding him for awhile.)
“My poop looked like a telephone.”
“That smells terrible!” (wish I could share a sound bite of how he says this one)
And yesterday, “Move! I have to poop!” I had just gotten out of a shower post-run and he had decided he wanted to use my bathroom.

One thing that has amazed me about this little guy is his amazing sphincter control. He was holding it in for days at a time at first. Literally 3-4 of them while still consuming loads of fruit, veggies, nuts, whole grains, and beans. It blows my mind! This is mostly because I am “old” and have had two children and things down there just kind of tell you: “NOW!” For instance, yesterday we went out for a run (2.11 mi). It’s a fairly easy course that I’ve done many times before and was actually my first walk in our new neighborhood. Things started out great and I was smiling and hearing my mantra about long and propulsive steps. It’s a bit of an uphill at the beginning, so it felt a little slow, but I hit my stride and was headed back into our neighborhood when I had to stop and walk. I had to stop and walk in one of those hunched over, butt clenched positions that tells everyone you need to find the bathroom ASAP, but you’re still 1/2 mile from home and feel like you’re going to die!

The truth is that I have been experiencing some serious cramps this week which have hindered a lot of my activities and made me feel like I should be in an IBS commercial:

Yes, that’s my actual stomach taken this morning; sorry for the “selfie” nature of the photo. I told you I’d post more pictures. I used to feel very self conscious of my fallen belly button, but hey, who am I trying to impress these days? I’m married and have two kids to show for that stomach!

All of this got me thinking that maybe I need to do a little more yoga to help alleviate some of these symptoms. But this is a tricky situation, yoga during menstruation.

I wrote the following for the yoga teacher training manual I completed in May:

A Special Note on Contraindications for Menstruating Women:

In some of the following asanas you will find a contraindication for menstruating women. These poses, most likely inversions or balance poses, are considered contraindicated by some professionals, especially during the heaviest flow days because yoga can increase the menstrual flow, cause a backflow of blood stores, reverse energy flows, and/or stretch the broad ligament due to a heavy uterus pushing upward into the body. However, others believe that yoga can be very beneficial during menstruation to aid in increasing energy levels and alleviating some of the issues associated with menstruation like cramps, headaches, etc. We feel that these are all valid points and therefore recommend each individual woman decide what is right for her in her practice during this time. We encourage you, as instructors, to educate the female participants in your class about the benefits and risks of participating in yoga and encourage them to engage in a practice that makes them feel most comfortable.

So, here are three yoga poses that are good for alleviating these symptoms include things that open up the hip and pelvic joints and basically soothe and massage the organs in this area. With photos:

Butterfly aka Cobblers Pose aka Bound Angle

Goddess or Supine Butterfly

Bow Pose

These will be on my afternoon agenda after groceries and getting kids down for naps alongside some breathing exercises for relaxation and a little meditation. Enjoy the weekend ahead!


4 thoughts on “4 Magic Words

  1. I remember my mom doing these when my brother was a baby…they make me think I should get back into more of the pilates/yoga stuff sometime. After my nails are dry, I mean. πŸ˜‰


  2. Hahaha! Please do wait until they are dry! πŸ™‚ I told a friend of mine about goddess pose the other day because it also helps increase fertility. She said, "GREAT POSE!" It's very relaxing and you might not need your nails to be dry to try it out.


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