Weekend Update….not the SNL version

I sometimes wish I were on SNL and that the random occurrences in my life that seem humorous to others were just a script and not reality, but it’s not and the reality is that it’s Saturday and I feel like I’ve gotten so little done this week. Here is a week in review as well as some yoga and meditations to boot.

The week started off with a dud. I mean, I really wanted to just put my feet up and relax because we’d been on the move so much lately with traveling for three weekends in a row and helping friends move. I couldn’t even motivate myself to go out for a walk when the temps were in the low 80’s all day. That’s like miracle weather this time of year here! But I did motivate myself to get the grocery shopping done (two stores with two kids under the age of 4) and made my family a beautiful dinner, brother-in-law included, from a recipe posted by the fabulous Kristin Porter at Iowa Girl Eats. Kung Pao Chicken Lettuce Wraps…. and she was not lying about them tasting restaurant quality. My BIL said he would have paid for the meal I made, but the kids (usually very good eaters) weren’t buying it. So sad. 😦 I really want to make it again, but I will have to wait for more adults to be over to eat.

I managed to blog a little on Tuesday about a few issues that had been weighing on my mind and to get back to the mat to do some meditating. I took the kids to the park in an attempt to sign the oldest up for more of his beloved Little Explorers nature program, but they have discontinued it for the unforeseen future. This is very disappointing as it seems to happen quite often with activities that we love. So, instead we played and I got to see him really “imagine” with another kid for the first time at the park. He is kind of old for his age in that he thinks, speaks, and knows a lot for 3 1/2 and it sometimes makes it hard for him to interact with other kids his age. He was able to meet another little guy his same size, but a full year older and the two of them hit it off pretending they were running from a dragon over a bridge, to the top of a mountain, through a tunnel. It was GREAT! But his grandparents showed up and the play had to end. Good news is that we had lunch plans with a friend of ours and visited a favorite local freshmex place called Islands I love their list of “no’s” when you walk in the door and that the kids menu items are the perfect size for my two kids to share. After some much needed naps (and while Mama got some mat work in) we rushed down some dinner and then headed to the boardwalk at Carolina Beach for Family Fun Night. I wish I had a picture to share of the boys riding rides (Ike braved the double ferris wheel with Mama and Da-Dee) and bouncing in the bouncy house (both of their first time with that experience), it was worth the overpriced tickets 100%!

By Wednesday I was ready to get back into the old routine again, but still didn’t make my way back out onto the streets. A friend of ours was having a bug issue at their house and so we went to the Children’s Museum (one of our regular weekly hangouts) and then had them over to our house for a play date. I realized I’d been serving the kiddos the same things for lunch every day for the last few….dare I say months? So, I tried a little different version with some Annie’s Mac n Cheese and turkey sandwiches as well as the usual fruit and yogurt etc. Eli will NOT eat deli meat! I have tried different varieties and brands, but he is not having it at all. Oh, and I do microwave their meats to avoid the dreaded listeria bacteria and only give the boys deli meats without artificial preservatives and nitrates. After our friends left I tried out a new cookie recipe that I linked to from an Ambitious Kitchen round-up. She’s got a lot of my favorite desserts and I had some zucchini that I needed to use up before it went bad. These cookies turned out very good, but a little on the dry side because I wasn’t sure if they were done all the way and kept putting them back in. I used a medium sized scooper from Pampered Chef which made tiny cookies (perfect size for kids) and baked them on my stoneware. I don’t know if that may have had anything to do with it too. Either way, we got about 62 cookies out of the batch and have been snacking on them ever since.

So, one of the things I think about a lot when considering what is important in life is how I represent myself and alternately when to put myself first over anyone else in my life (including my kids). On Thursday I knew we had a packed agenda, but I was done with sacrificing my time and decided that no matter what….I was going running. You can see my run on my MapMyRun site, but it was a slow going almost mile and a half. I averaged 10:13/mile and felt every bit of it. I didn’t care, I needed it. And doing that run meant that I was going to spend the next few hours stinky as I toted my kids to different places we needed to go. However, my kids were clean and looked nice as I did not. Our first stop was the library where we returned most of our books from the previous week and our latest family movie favorite: Bedknobs and Broomsticks. If you haven’t seen that movie you are missing out on some quality family time and magic all around. Pick it up as soon as you can! WE also recommend Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang; 101 Dalmations; and Mary Poppins of late.

One book that was not returned to the library this week was the latest yoga book I checked out, because it still sits here next to me….unopened. It’s a translation of the Yoga Sutras and I will be talking more about that by the end of the weekend. After the library we hit up the dentist which is always fun because Ike is a super trooper there, but is disappointed that he now has to stop sucking his thumb. However, NO CAVITIES…for either of us. Eli hasn’t started seeing the dentist officially yet as he’s under 2. Thursday night we were supposed to go to a Wilmington Hammerheads game, but we were just too done in and decided to spend the night at home as a family. It was nice and much needed.

It was that time again on Friday, to rise early and head off to work. I couldn’t believe that the day had come again. And, again, my children cried when I was gone and hugged me fiercely when I returned. Who knew that working outside of the house for only 4 hours once a week would make them miss me so?! Well, it does and I love it! Last night my sister came into town and watched the boys so that the hubby and I could go out to eat another of our local faves, Copper Penny, and catch a show at Ziggy’s by the Sea. The main act was Alien Ant Farm, but they are not who I am raving about today. The group I am falling for is Kaleido for their talent and showman(“woman”)ship. Please visit their link and listen to them religiously. I fully plan to request their latest release on Monday morning.

So, in all of this chaos I have still been reading Gates book and sharing parts of it with my students on Friday mornings, but last night one of the meditations I did last week really resonated with me in a different way. The Day 14 reading talks about learning to rest in a pose and learning to accept rest as part of our practice. This week I have done less physical training than I have most of the summer, but my body has been tired and sore from other elements of life. I have been taking time to rest and recognizing that this is partly a rest period and partly a lapse. A lapse is something I can come back from easily. I will think about what Gates said in the Day 11 reading again, if something is enough of a priority, you will find a way to do it. I will get back on track soon, I have not relapsed into behaviors found after I had my littlest one where I needed to stay away from activity and let my body heal in that fashion.

But I also looked to this reading to think about how I could rest within the postures of my daily life. How can I “rest” or settle into my body as it is and love it always for what it is? How can I be comfortable with my body at all times? At the concert last night and the concert I went to the weekend before I noticed so many different types of people, dressed in so many different ways, but the one thing that I noticed that they had in common was that they all seemed comfortable there. They just were who they were and they were there to be moved by the music. I, on the other hand, often find myself worried about how I do not dress like many of the other attendees of the concert and wonder what to do with my hands. Do I stick them in my pockets? Do I cross my arms? Am I comfortable or is someone watching me when I’m clapping or punching the air? Then, I always tell myself, WHO CARES?! But yet I still feel that way.

In addition, I’ve noticed that when I am in public I find it hard to just stand with my arms at my sides. What a weird problem for me to have. When I am teaching (yoga or otherwise) I am very comfortable standing in front of other people in any position and being looked at. But, when I’m out and not leading the way, I become self conscious of what to do with my arms. Last night I used my yoga to help me feel more comfortable. I imagined I was in Tadasana (Mountain pose) and stood there comfortably, head high, shoulders back, arms at my sides. Yoga was changing my life again in little ways.

Where in your life do you need to find rest?


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  1. Hi Charlotte and WELCOME! I just read your "About Me" on your blog and think that you may enjoy some of the fun (and funny) fitness things we talk about over here. I have a lot of ways to incorporate yoga into your life to help you feel fit, happy, and healthy.


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