30 Days of Run

September is my birthday month and I will be turning 34 toward the end of it. So, in my ever renewed interest in running and with the temps starting to cool down (hopefully), I’m going to try and get in 30 days of running this month. A few things I will be focusing on this month:

Distance – I’m going to be doing some shorter runs this month and some interval runs and trying to run at the park too because it’s a little flatter. I’m also going to be running with a friend from time to time and overall working up to some 4+ mile runs by the end of the month.

Pacing – I feel like I’ve gotten faster overall, but with logging so few miles in August I’ve had some really crappy run times over 10min/mi and that’s not acceptable to me. So, this month I’m going to try and keep all runs under 9:30/mile, even with the boys in the stroller when I’m having a bad day. Just keep smiling while I run.

Cadence – This is something new I’m working with in regards to running, but have a lot of experience with from group exercise. I’ve done a great job of positioning my feet so that I’m landing and pushing off how I’d like to, but not so great at turning over quickly. I was reading a post by Sam over at Fit is a Feminist Issue about her return to running with a beat and the different types of apps that are out there to assist with such a thing. This sparked my interest (see my post tomorrow about Questions Answered) in training with a metronome myself. I found an article over at Runner’s World (if it asks you, just say Marathons are Easy so you can skip to the article) that gives a little background, but essentially labels the ideal cadence of 180 (steps or beats) per minute.

I’m kind of an antsy person, so yesterday, at 5pm, I couldn’t wait any longer to try it out. I loaded up the kids in the stroller (when it was still 90F outside), grabbed water, my phone (still need to get a watch for time), and my metronome that I use for work and set it at 180.

I let Ike count us “down” and then we were off! My feet were racing. I was out of breath within the first 1/4mi. I couldn’t keep up. I slowed and moved the cadence down to 140…too slow. Up to 160….about right, but still not quite. I finished the run with the metronome beeping at 160 and was curious as to my time. I hit stop on the phone and WHOOSH! my time vanished into thin air. I was heartbroken….more than just a little.

So, I logged my run without time. I couldn’t even guess if I was going faster or slower than usual. All I know is that it was a rough first time out. So, some things I will be changing the next time I run with the metronome:

  • Set it at about 165 to start with and see how it goes (oh duh, the article suggested that I track myself before decide on a goal…hahaha, way to jump the gun AL!) and play with my timing from there.
  • Do my run on a flatter course. The first 1/4 mile of the 1.4mi run I’ve been doing here has a pretty “steep” uphill (feels massive with the kids in the stroller) for the start of a run….at the beach at least. No mountains to climb here, but still.
  • Focus on maintaining my stride while I hit the pacing, but still maintaining little contact with the road.

I went for a walk this morning with a friend, but will be hitting the road again this afternoon for a run after the kids get up. What kind of gear are you using to train with?