Friday Quickie

A short blog for you on this fine Friday afternoon.

One of the things I really enjoy about the Gates book is that he presents an idea and the continues to use that same idea for several days in order to give you different ways of looking at, thinking about, and experiencing a yoga concept. The first yama, Ahimsa, is that of nonviolence, non-harming, and non-judgement. In the Day 18 reading Gates suggests that we abandon the notion of separation from all that is around us. In Day 20 he tells a story about how his own fear of rejection kept him from meeting new people because it builds walls around us. Yesterday I read a really great blog post that I thought I would share with you here:

How to Make Mom Friends in One Easy Step

Two of my favorite internet people, Karen from Baby Sideburns and Elle from What’s Up Moms got together to tell a little story (a true story) about making mom friends.


I too find that I have a fear of rejection when it comes to meeting new moms and that that fear and those walls are causing harm to my children in that they are missing out on meeting new people. I want to be the mom that goes up to the other moms and not only introduces myself and my kids (I’m good at that), but follows through when I see them enjoying the company of the other kids. I want to be the mom that asks for the playdate more often than not. Next week, at all of our many activities, my goal will be to attempt to make at least one new mom friend for each of my kids.

Let yoga tear down your walls and attempt to approach some new people this weekend. Do not be afraid of others because they are different, see them as an extension of yourself and your oneness with all that surrounds you.

Namaste and Happy Friday!