Thanks….A Lot

I try to remember each day that yoga is a practice, a way of life, it is something that I have to work at. And each day I try to be thankful for what I have and who I am. However, some days, I’m just a little on the snarky side. So, today is a list of “thanks”, some of which are genuine and sincere, some are just outright attitude.

  1. Thank you to my best friend, Sarrah, for teaching me the word snarky so that I may use it multiple days a week for the rest of my life.
  2. Thank you to Britney Spears for writing the only music that seems to push me through my slumps when I’m running alone.
  3. Thank you to my husband for allowing me to run alone for two days this last week and with only one kid for another day making me feel faster than ever.
  4. Thank you to Mr. Kern, my high school English teacher for teaching me the difference between good and well. Now I can no longer sit through any conversation with anyone from the South without cringing at every other word that they say.
  5. Thank you to some of my favorite bloggers for posting things that make me laugh out loud so hard that my husband thinks there is something wrong with me. (see this post and what made me laugh! I especially love number 18, but that’s probably because I live in a house full of guys.)
  6. Thank you August for causing me to get off track with all things fitness and yoga by forcing me to travel too much, not sleep enough, eat a lot less mindfully, and suffer through either rainy or sticky hot days. I have seen the return of the sack lunch stomach and it is not a happy place to be right now.
  7. Thank you to Pampers for their Gifts to Grow program which has allowed me to give gifts at Christmas when I otherwise would not be able to afford them. Thank you also for making the only diapers (Cruisers and Swaddlers) that don’t make my children’s’ behinds break out!
  8. Finally, Thank you to the days for getting shorter as my lists of things to get done gets longer. You make me realize that time is not infinite and I should prioritize better. Mostly, thank you for making me see that family comes first above all else. I only have these boys for so many hours each day and so many years of their lives….I won’t waste a second of it!

 Happy Monday to you all!


2 thoughts on “Thanks….A Lot

  1. Thank you! I have a lot more thank you's to dole out in the future….most of them snarky, but it is important to me to thank and appreciate those around me who make my life whole. So, thank you for reading because you make this worth the while!


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