I continue to be away from blogging for the time being for a few different reasons.

I am overwhelming myself with projects.
If you read all the way back to when I began this blog in January, I deemed this the year of de-cluttering my life. I’ve done a fantastic job of getting a lot of things out, including discarding a multitude of items prior to our move to the new house in March. I have not filled our new house with more junk and have continued to clear out things….one at a time…..and to finish projects started. However, I am finding that the last three months of the year are making me feel more rushed to complete projects and therefore leaving me less time with my blog. 

I am uninspired by the things around me.
Usually my life inspires me to write about something amazing that is going on. If not my life, then something I am reading in a blog, a book, or see on the news will do the trick. My lack of inspiration lately probably has somewhat to do with my first reason for being absent in that I’m finding less time to read blogs, books, and watch tv or the news. I am also finding less time to devote to one of my projects for this year which is my meditation each day. And, even more heartbreaking, my physical exercise on a daily basis.

I have been severely under the weather in more ways than one.
In the last two months I have spent several weeks battling women’s issues, minor injuries, illnesses, and the weather. Each of these four things has prevented walking and running as well as yoga and Pilates from being as regular a part of my daily life as they were in the months prior. This inability to drive forth could be discussed further in another whole post about the differences between lapsing and relapsing into old and sedentary habits, but I will save you the misery.

I come to you today with a hope that I will be here again tomorrow and the day after to start up again with the stories and the tips, the guidelines and the gossip that filled these pages for the past 9 months. Today, despite the lack of voice from a weekend training combined with the common cold, I got out of bed reluctantly, ate breakfast, dressed myself and the kids, and went for a walk. I titled today’s post Breathless because that is the only word that could possibly describe that walk. It took all that I had to put one foot in front of the other and to make that stroller roll over hills and flats for 2.11 miles. It was, by far, one of my worst paces (16:48/mile), but it’s done and I’m still breathing. And each day I will keep breathing and not let the little things in life keep me from it.

So, if you too have been overwhelmed, uninspired, and fighting something of late…..just know you’re not alone. Take a deep breath in, exhale the bad, and forge on.