Thinking About Thursday

In my attempt to come up with some themes for the days of the week to help my writing, I decided that Thursdays are going to be a lot of whatever is going on in my head. Enjoy!

Fitness Continued
I’m still planking every other day and so glad that today is not my plank day. Yesterday I planked in my son’s bedroom while trying to get him to fall back asleep. Sometimes just my presence in his room is enough to help him shut his tiny eyes and drift off. However, yesterday it was more of a feat in sanity to try and plank through his pleadings to get out of bed. I eventually gave in and got him out of the crib and abandon the rest of my plank. I am fairly proud of my effort considering that I had just finished making about 30 leaves and a Duck Commander symbol out of icing….more on that at the end.
Playing Catch Up
This week, in my “down time”, I am trying to catch up on the different blogs that I love to read. As of this moment I have at least 70 posts to read to get caught up from last Friday. This tells me that I have underposted in the last 7 days and also spent more time away from my computer. That’s not necessarily a bad thing and I will only be concerned with that when my laundry starts to pile up for a week at a time…

Random Mom Thoughts
Don’t you hate that moment when you’re changing a diaper and it looks like peanut butter is in there and then you feel some left over crunchy peanut butter between your teeth from the lunch you just ate? Yeah, that just happened to me this afternoon and I think I’ll be taking pbj sandwiches out of the lunch rotation for a few extra days.

Throw Back on Books
A lot of bloggers do a Throw Back Thursday special and this week mine is going to be about books. My husband’s niece (also technically my niece) is turning 9 tomorrow and we always get her books for her birthday or Christmas. This year she has really started to read more chapter books and has not read (nor heard of) most of the books I enjoyed as a child. Therefore, I chose two that I thought were good for her age:
Charlotte’s Web
Pippi Longstocking
Each of which features a female character that I find to be impressive. Granted the spider (Charlotte) is not a human, but Fern does her share too of being a strong lead.
Which books do your 9 year old selves wish you were still reading?

Wait for it….CAKE!
That’s right….because it’s my niece‘s birthday I am making another cake. This one is a challenge as her “theme” this year is Duck Dynasty and the cake she picked out has A LOT of fondant on it. I don’t regularly work with fondant, so this week I am teaching myself some new techniques, creating a cake that I can manage, and hoping to impress a bunch of 9 year olds with my caking skills. Be prepared for the photos next week.

So, what are you doing this Thursday? How do you spend your last day before the weekend? Did you plank yesterday?