Meditation Monday #1 – Truth and Giveaways

If you notice two posts today it’s because I am not quite skilled at the whole “set to post” aspect of blogging yet and my Sunday post appeared this morning instead of yesterday. Oops! Well, here we are at Monday again. I am now only 50ish posts behind catching up on all of my favorite bloggers and have gotten a significant amount of work done outside the house, inside the house, and for work. I have still not “caught up” on life and know that I never really will. However, in my attempt to get to the point where I truly feel at peace with myself and my place in life, I’m still working on my meditations, my yoga, my fitness, myself…..

Here are some meditation thoughts for you that I haven’t yet had a chance to post about:

Days 23-30: The second Yama ~ Satya
 The second yama in the 8 limb path of Raja yoga is Satya or truthfulness. The yamas (if you recall) and niyamas are basically a code of ethics by which you should live. The first 5 (yamas) are restrictions while the second five (niyamas) are observances. Think about them as the yoga 10 commandments because they kind of align with the Christian ones.

In being truthful you need to keep your word, speak only the truth, and abandon all embellishment, minimization, self aggrandizements, omissions, rationalizations, and exaggerations. So, pretty much anything you ever use to tell any kind of story what-so-ever. This is hard for us and even harder if you have children. Think of all of the books you read to them that tell them untruths. Think of all the ways you “protect” them from life with white lies. Satya is so much more than this though, it’s avoiding untruths while letting go of your own pretense. It’s about humility that you feel when you have balanced your fear with your ambition.

In thinking about these concepts and trying to discover how to live in truth I came to a few conclusions and questions to ask yourself:

  1. Telling the truth about yourself to another is the hardest and most necessary thing to do in life. It may be easier to do to a stranger on a plane or through a blog than to the one you love, but all truth finds you again and if someone really loves you it won’t matter to them if you seem “uncool” sharing who you really are. Are appearances more important to you than honesty?
  2. When we truly examine our lives we find that we have misaligned priorities that add to the nontruths in our lives. Saying you don’t have time to do something in truth is I am choosing to do something else and not making the time for this. Are you fully connected to the truth you are living?
  3.  It is important to know yourself as a whole by practicing right action day in and day out. Know that you get what you need in life by not selling yourself short. Your journey is something you must discover on your own through hard work that cannot be done for you. And in the end you must let go and realize that there is nothing left to do….just move on. Am I ruled by a desire for pleasure, a desire for success, a desire for community, or a desire for liberation?

My truth is that I’m not perfect. I try to be as open and honest and exposed as possible. I try not to lie to my kids and my friends. I hold back sometimes and that is an expression of me as a nontruth in my life. It hurts me to be that way and I try to move forward and rectify that situation and not repeat it. It’s hard work for me every day as it is for everyone who tries to live in truth.

The truth also is that if you post a giveaway on your blog, I’m going to enter to win. So, Kristin Porter, challenge accepted! I totally want to find new ways to use rice in the ways that I eat and I want to win a $500 gift card to Amazon so that I can give my munchkins a swing set for Christmas that I couldn’t otherwise afford. If you want to know more about what I’m talking about, check out her post here and I will be talking about my porcupine meatballs some Sunday this fall. See you tomorrow for another installment of Tone It Up Tuesday!

What is the truth in your life? Do you enter giveaways? Do you tell your kids that there’s a Santa?