A Letter to My Friends

Dear Friends In Real Life Who Live Far Away,

I have not always been able to contact you as soon as I would like to share some random musings that I found relevant to our friendship. I know there is text message, but we all live in different time zones and I’m afraid of waking your children/husbands/roommates/cats/etc.  So, because it’s past the time that it would be funny/important to tell you these things, I share them now in a series of short memos to each of you…..

Did you see this on Jeopardy?!

That time we got disconnected while I was driving through the backwoods of Virginia I recorded some random rants on my phone of the weird things I was thinking about. And the one that I meant to tell you is that I have this big fear when I’m driving through areas like that that LeatherFace is going to jump out at my car and attack me. And then I remembered what it was like to go through the Haunted Forest with you after watching The Grudge and I’m not sure which is scarier. But I do miss your S’mores shots. We need to bring those back the next time we see each other!

Did you know that I have Bacon Power?! Of all of the people in the world, Isaak has informed me that I am the one with Bacon Power. How unlikely! He wanted to borrow some of my Bacon Power so that he could make something in his pretend kitchen (aka the long ottoman in our living room). It wasn’t until about the 20th time he asked me that I realized he meant Baking Powder. Can you imagine though….Bacon Power….Wow!

Please go to this link and brag about all of your awesome mom powers because you are one of the moms I look up to the most! Here are the pancakes that I am bragging about, but I bow down to all of your creative parenting tips and thank you greatly for teaching Isaak to sit up. Oh, and I wonder

No Noggin Pumpkin Pancake

To the rest of you, your time is coming…..

What are the random things you think about while driving?
What are you amazing at?
How do you stay in touch with your friends who live elsewhere?
Do you watch Jeopardy?

4 thoughts on “A Letter to My Friends

  1. I never want to relive that haunted forest ever again. Neither does Paul! Oh my gosh…I was with Paul then, wasn't I? I don't remember the S'mores shots?!I think about bad things sometimes when I drive, and my mind travels so fast I go from my children nice and safe and buckled in the back…to me in the hospital cursing the idiot who didn't use the turn signal and wondering if my children are ok!I am amazing at listening!!! and knitting and crocheting…I call my friends!! And Facebook…but I try to call every once in awhile.Yes, I watch at least 15 minutes of Jeopardy before picking Lexi up from school.


  2. Jeopardy is on at 730pm here. It's an after dinner treat. :)The S'mores shots are the ones that had hot chocolate with some kind of alcohol mixed in and graham cracker crumbs around the rim of the shot glass with a toasted marshmallow on top. Then you shoot it. And yes, I believe you were with Paul because it was October and you'd met that April?


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