Friday Fast Tips

As a Mommy/Woman/Fitness/Yoga/Food/Lifestyle Blogger (I don’t feel like I really fit into one category) I feel like it’s important to cover all of my bases. Mondays we’re dealing a lot with meditation practice, but really how to live a better you. Tuesdays is all about the fitness and yoga and I love sharing a little mini move or workout with you for the week. Wednesdays I am taking a break and doing work at the moment. Thursdays are my random rants and ravings from the past week. This is where my Mommy/Wife/Friend mind tends to spill out onto the page. Sundays we are back with some food stuffs and that will eventually include a little more nutrition info, but only within my scope of practice because I’m a stickler for that kind of thing. And that leaves Saturdays and Fridays.

Because I travel a lot on the weekend I tend to find those days consumed with work, travel, and more work. However, as many of you sit at your desk on this Friday, you’re probably on some kind of social media or blog site because Fridays wear on people. It’s the last day of the traditional work week and both our bodies and our minds are ready for a break. That is why I am now bringing you Fast Friday Tips. It will give you a little break from your Friday and it won’t be my usual ten page essay post (sorry, this one is a little long). Plus, taking that short interlude to read the tip will help improve your productivity for the rest of the day (see here) as well as possibly give you an idea for something for the upcoming weekend.

This week we’re focused on cycling! Why? Because it’s fall and that’s a perfect time to start riding your bike. The weather is cooler, but not too cold. The fall colors make the perfect time to go out for a scenic trail ride. If you’re a college student or live close to a campus, it’s a wonderful way to commute to the football game. And it can be a low cost family activity. I even stayed at a hotel recently that rents bikes for rides down to the local vineyard!

If you’re going to go out and ride be sure to wear a helmet and know your hand signals.

I cannot stress how important this is. Bikes are vehicles and you should be riding with traffic and signaling when you stop and turn just as you would expect someone in another car to do. Teach these signals to your children and if you have them in a bike seat or pull them in a trailer behind, have them practice with you. Call out the signal and show them as they copy your gesture……unless your kid looks like my big guy here:


Be safe this weekend and get a ride in. Let me know how it goes!

Visit Fit is a Feminist Issue for more on safe cycling.