Tone It Up Tuesday #5 – Kid Lifts

Welcome back to Tone It Up Tuesday. I’m your host, AmberLynn, and today we’re talking to all of the moms, babysitters, cool aunts, friends, etc out there who interact with small children and love to get fit. If only this blog had gotten cool enough to have its own tv show…..

Either way, I really am speaking to those of you out there who feel a lot like Stacy over at Stacy Makes Cents.

Having kids is a daily mommy workout – here is my plan…no Burpees included.
Trust me ladies…..I get it. I have had two kids myself and each time I went through it I weighed the pros and cons of exercising during my pregnancies and my attempts to get the baby weight off after. I am not naive to the fact that this experience is different for each woman. Some women start out heavier than others, some gain a lot of weight, while others look like they’ve just over indulged a little at Thanksgiving dinner. Some women have pregnancies of ease in which they have zero symptoms while others experience morning sickness 24/7 for 9 months, late deliveries complicated by gestational diabetes, swollen everything, pregnancy mask, bacne, and hemorrhoids. Some women come into pregnancy with it all mapped out and scheduled along side their regular weekly manicure and yoga class while others realize half way through that a walk from the chair to bathroom without getting out of breath and peeing on themselves sounds like heaven! So, my experience is not the same as yours and that’s okay. However, when you’re ready to get going again here are some tips for getting started and some fun exercises that don’t require you to change your schedule….much.

First, once you’ve had a baby, because I’m only talk to those post-natal women this week, wait until you’re cleared for exercise! I can’t stress this enough! Do not try to do ab workouts in your postpartum room! There is a lot that went on with your body during the time that you were growing another human being, so take it easy….you earned it. Then, when your health practitioner clears you to go back, start slow. I recommend walking at first.

After my second child I found out that I had split my abs open in a condition known to the fitness and medical communities as diastasis recti.

Like that….not like this:

Which limited the abdominal exercises I was allowed to do for awhile. This is important information to have when planning your course of action with any daily activity as your core (including those abdominal muscles) is greatly engaged in almost every move you make. You also need to consider (especially after your first) that the wave of relaxin hormone that washed over you has made all of the joints and ligaments in your body extra flexible and therefore at extra risk of being injured by shear forces caused when you stop abruptly or change directions quickly. The loosey goosey feeling in your hips was great while pushing out junior, but not so great to have your knee surgically repaired because you turned around too quickly post-baby.

If you’re not that into exercising after the baby, you might just consider a few moves to help keep you in strong mama mode for those activities of daily living…here are a few of my favorite ways to interact with my kids while sort of doing resistance training.  

The Push-Up or Plank: Great for giving kisses and getting smiles, but also great for learning how to push doors open with a baby strapped to you and how to get back up off of the floor when you just don’t think you can any more! The plank is a great precursor to the push-up, check out more on it here.


Squat: If you want to know all about some of my favorite squats, link here, but this is a great one to practice if you want to be good at getting up every time you sit down because your baby needs you and you never get to rest…and according to the look of this picture, helps you duck to avoid things thrown at you and prepares your baby for future Tae Bo workouts. You can also do the squat while holding or wearing the baby for an extra close experience.
Biceps Curls: A great way to work on catching your baby should they fall from above, building upper body strength for picking up children, groceries, diaper bags, laundry baskets (you can also practice this one with the baby in the laundry basket), and anything else that you have to tote around.
Bridges: Helps you to practice throwing older kids off of you as they climb into your bed at 6am like a bucking bronco. Also great for making eye contact with the baby and building up strength in your glutes that may have atrophied by sitting around breast feeding for hours on end.


Woodchoppers: A nice way to make some eye contact with your little one and work on putting away groceries at the same time. Also good for learning how to bend down correctly to get EVERYTHING that that little one is going to drop on the floor.          


Side note: Sorry I didn’t have time to shoot actual images with my kids. Here you can just imagine that you’re using a baby in place of the fitness equipment and that you look like you instead of this fitness model.


And I just don’t know what this guy is doing with this baby.


What kind of kid lifts do you practice?
Did you/are you concerned with losing the baby weight?
Have you ever borrowed someone else’s kid to workout with?
Would you let that guy babysit your kids?! 

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