Barnes and Noble….Please Be My Library!

Hey it’s Random Thoughts Thursday again, where word vomit is the norm! In case you’ve been wondering, I am all caught up on the millions of blog posts I hadn’t read before and now find everything in my every day kind of falling in line. It’s wonderful! Except….I’m still not on to a book that I’m reading for pleasure.

Currently I am reading Christabel Zamor’s book, Hooping: A Revolutionary Fitness Program because I am writing a workshop about hula hooping for fitness. It’s a nice book and Zamor is the founder of the HoopGirl Workout. She’s very smart about incorporating actual facts into her book and not just a bunch of loose claims supported by anecdotal evidence. I need to finish this book this week and put the final touches on my workshop. Thank goodness for this book in my writing process though. Most of the rest of my work has been taken from various websites and books that I can read online. My company was kind enough to purchase this book for my use because I couldn’t find a copy of it at a library near me and couldn’t preview the whole thing online anywhere.

I’ve also been reading bits and pieces of David Pond’s book, Chakras for Beginners because I am teaching about the seven different chakras in my yoga class. It’s also not available at any library I have access to. So, I’ve been piecing together lots of information from viewable excerpts of his book, other websites, my own knowledge on the subject, other stuff I’ve written previously, etc. This process of viewing “previews” of books has me thinking about the whole Taylor Swift vs. Spotify debate that I can’t seem to go a day without hearing about. Yes, Taylor, I agree with you; things that someone creates should not necessarily be free, but….do you allow radios to play your songs?

I know that radio stations pay fees to musicians and labels etc for the right to play their music on air, but then it’s out there and who is to stop some young kid from recording it off the air and thereby having their own copy? I know I used to do things like that when I was younger…..tape whole sets of songs off the radio station on to cassette tapes. Was it great quality? No. But, it was FREE (minus the cost of blank cassette tapes, which let’s face it, was NOTHING in today’s standards).

I’ve also been guilty of going to places like Barnes and Noble and reading books there without purchasing them. My library is a good one, but it disappoints me frequently. Hello library, yoga is not a self-help section! When I was pregnant the first time around I didn’t feel like investing in a lot of baby naming books, so I’d go and peruse them at B&N….it was a cheap way to get me out of the house for an hour. But B&N has disappointed me in the past as well. Why are there 8 million copies of Twilight, but so little on the things I want to read about?

In writing this now I feel like I owe the world a lot of royalty fees somewhere along the lines.

So, what’s your take?

What are you reading these days?
Do you frequent the local library?
Should music be free for all?
Do you like Taylor Swift?
Have you ever stolen something without actually taking it?
Have you seen this?

3 thoughts on “Barnes and Noble….Please Be My Library!

  1. I am reading one book after another! Lots of Sci-Fi Romance. heheI love my local library. Does your library do interlibrary loans? In Iowa you can ask at your library and if another library in the state has the book that you want, they will send it to your local library!!Music should NOT be free for all.Love Taylor Swift. She is such an awesome role model! I hope she stays that way.I did indulge in the free music craze in college. :)I have not seen that video. Although, some of those guys seem WAY too old.


  2. I've never been able to "indulge" in free music other than the radio. However, right now I wish I could so that I could put together this amazing cd that I want to burn for my yoga class. But, I don't have access to the music I want…free or otherwise. 😦 Sadness.


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