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Another Thursday of word vomit or is it brain vomit since the words are not vomiting out of my head like these random thoughts are? Either way, I’d like to join a little group here and announce that my future Thursday posts will be “inspired” by Amanda and her ingenious Think Out Loud Thursday campaign. Linked here:


I was first brought to the attention of Amanda( by one of my new favorite bloggers, Charlotte at Commitness to Fitness ( and her Think Out Loud Thursday posts. Until I decided to go ahead and try them, I wasn’t convinced it was going to stick, but now it gives me a great something to do with all of my random bits of pastel card notes that don’t fit anywhere else during the week. And keeps them from piling up too. Check them both out, they are amazing ladies and Yes, Charlotte did make a “blog guest” appearance at my last workshop. Her bit on food labels was just too perfect not to share!

In continuation of my random spew here today I thought I would enlighten you on a topic that I find to be both intriguing and ridiculous at the same time.

Health Insurance!

Insurance: Scam or Unhappy Necessity?
As this is being posted I am having my first full-on physical in about 6 years, not counting annuals and when I was pregnant both times. This is one of three “scheduled posts” I have for this week because of travel etc. So, I have no idea what the outcome of this physical will be, but I do know one thing for sure: It better not cost me one damned cent! Now, I’m neither here nor there about “Obama Care” because I don’t fully understand (and I don’t think anyone does yet) what all the good or bad to come out of this system will be. But I do know that if I pay $98.90/month for 12 months for something, then someone needs to figure out what I was paying for. I think the whole idea of insurance is ludicrous because, for someone who is not sick very often, where is my money going? Am I paying for other people to go to the doctor? If so, what is their insurance paying for? Why would we not just reduce all the costs so that when you have to go to the doctor you can afford to, but if you don’t have to go, you just keep your money and spend it on other things.

I feel like I’m paying someone’s salary who is not doing a whole lot (sorry insurance industry people). Are doctors not seeing enough people each day to be able to reasonably live on what they could charge if they charged everyone directly? Are insurance companies not just another middle man? If you’re going to mandate anything, just mandate the pricing structure so that no one gets charged out of healthy living and move on with it. It’s kind of like food to me. Do I buy insurance to make sure that the food will be there fore me when I need it or do I just pay for the food and the farmers grow it? Makes sense to me, but maybe I’m missing something here all together. Or maybe I’m a socialist or a communist or however that works. I didn’t pay attention very well in government.

Either way, I know it’s not a perfect system, but when I was previously married I had military insurance. Say what you will about the wait times etc, but when I needed shit, I got it. And it didn’t cost me a thing because I already paid for it in my taxes. I know there are some Canadians that read this and I had some friends from GB when in college. They all have enjoyed (to some extent) their government run health care. I even watched Ricki Lake’s documentary ( that showed how much better it is in other European countries in regards to prenatal and postpartum care with government insurance. All I’m asking is that my insurance company contacts my doctor (she’s new to me and I’m not sure if I will like her or not) and makes sure that whomever in her office is in charge of billing codes everything correctly for my $1200 physical. Thanks.

Do you have insurance or are you planning to pay the penalty instead?
Do you know how much the penalty is for not having insurance?
How often do you go to the doctor?
Do you like your doctor?
How did you find your doctor?
Would you buy into government run health care?

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  1. I have insurance through Paul's work. Pretty awesome insurance.I do not know the penalty.I go to one form of doctor or another at least once a month (chiropractor once a month….LOVE HER!)I love my family doctor and my chiropractor…I love all my doctor's! YAY! I also follow them around. I'm a stalker like that.I found my doctor's by going to my insurance company's website and searching for covered doctors in my area and then making an appointment. I've been lucky.I don't want to think about that last question.


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