Airport Blinders

It’s the Friday before Thanksgiving and I’ve set this post to auto load. I’m driving across the country with my two kids and sister in tow. Someone please help me avoid holiday travel hell! Why are you already singing Jingle Bells?!

Last week when I traveled to Brockport, New York (Quick shout out to my great group there: Beth, Emily, Kevin, Katie, Josh, Chris, and Nate!) I started thinking about how hard it is to get through the airport without feeling like Louie (only watch this if you’re okay with some offensive material and are not around your kids….Thanks Sarrah!).

So, here are a few quick tips for those of you flying today.

Ways to Avoid Eating Junk at the Airport
  • Douse yourself in a disgusting smelling perfume so that you can’t smell the aroma of all of the food court food around you
  • Wear blinders like horses do so that you cannot see anything that is not directly in front of you (Skymall should totally sell these! See my post next Thursday about Skymall and Thanksgiving Day shopping.)
  • Eat a ton of rice and beans before you head out for your flight so that you cannot possibly be full in the airport
  • Pack your own snacks. Unlike water, they don’t steal those at security check points and it will also save you a lot of money. Just think $5 M&M bag….Yikes!
  • Take a refillable water bottle with you that you can fill up on the other side of security. Avoid lots of unnecessary calories consumed by drinking and money on purchasing them. Remember, you can always get a small free soda on the flight
  • Keep your hands busy by doing crosswords, Sudoku, knitting (if they allow those needles through), etc because busy hands don’t feel tempted to fill the mouth
  • Remember that the airport food court does not sell any food that you can’t get somewhere else for less and when you won’t be sitting for hours on end
  • If you have to eat there, choose mindfully and if all else fails…..
  • “Workout” at the airport! Look at what I found (and used) at the Philadelphia Airport!
These were free to use and I know I need a new phone so I can snap far better photos!

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Are you going anywhere for the holidays?
By air or by car?
Would you travel half way across the country with two little kids under age 4?
How do you feel about stores selling holiday gear way before the next holiday is even over?
How do you avoid eating at the airport?
Would you ride one of those bikes while waiting for a flight?

3 thoughts on “Airport Blinders

  1. I am going home for the holidays…both of them.I will be traveling by car.I have not traveled anywhere with 2 kids under 4…mine are too far apart to count.I have mixed feelings about stores selling holiday stuff. The craft stores I kind of understand. If you make stuff to sell at Christmas time or whenever, you want your supplies ahead of time in order to make and sell them before that particular holiday. Straight up wrapping paper and Christmas trees out before Thanksgiving…no way!I don't go to the airport that often! hehe avoidness right there.I would ride one of those bikes if I didn't have children with me!


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