More from the Pie Man

I have just had to go in and edit this post so that it will post today, a day later than I had scheduled it, so sorry for the double posting today…I can’t read a calendar.
I should be almost to Iowa by the time this post goes up. It’s Simple Simon Sunday and it’s almost Thanksgiving. I am driving half-way across the country with my two little guys and my sister to enjoy the time with my side of the family and we (my sister and I) are supplying the dessert this year: PIE! She wanted to learn how to make a cherry pie from scratch with a lattice top crust. She’s never made any kind of pie, so I agreed to teach her since she somehow missed out on learning to cook when we were growing up. It could have something to do with the fact that we’re almost 7 years apart in age and our family dynamic changed in there somewhere. But, if you know my sister you can probably come up with your own conclusion.

Enough about her….back to the pie. I am not a big fan of fruit pies myself. Something about the cooked fruit seems too mushy for me. But I do love a good pumpkin pie because that screams THANKSGIVING to me all day long. I am very sad that Cool Whip no longer makes their French Vanilla Cool Whip for the holidays for topping said pumpkin pie, but I think I’ve kind of outgrown Cool Whip anyway. We’ll see when I get to Iowa and it’s time to go shopping.
We used to do Thanksgiving at our house growing up. There are four kids in my family, so it kind of made sense to have it here and not to tote us all over. We had most of our family from both sides over and we’d put the table in the living room. I remember my mom always yelling at me to get it set while I was distracted by the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. (Have to remember to watch that this year with the kids!) Then, some years we’d do it at my dad’s parents’ house and eventually at my aunt’s. After my parents split up (I remember the one Thanksgiving going to my mom’s parents’ house without him), we pretty much always spent it with my mom’s family and dessert shifted from straight up pies to other things. My dad’s mom always made three pies: cherry, pumpkin, and pecan (pronounced different ways depending upon where you are from). 
This year we will have my sister’s cherry pie, a pumpkin pie (made with Libby’s of course!), and the no bake french silk pie I’ve been raving about from time to time on here.
What is your favorite kind of pie?
What will be the desserts at your Thanksgiving?
Do you watch the parade?
What do you bring?
What’s your favorite food to eat that day?
Do you know who that man is?