TOLT #2 – Shopping for Christmas Already?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Hopefully this post will go off as scheduled so that I can invade your email alerts during that post turkey tryptophan lull and make your day a little brighter again. And also, please don’t be out shopping on Thanksgiving Day….give the holiday at least 24 hours before you throw it out the window and begin Christmas. But, if you must, here are some ideas for shopping this year….

I’ve been traveling enough in the last few months to have read the entire Sky Mall catalog…holiday edition. And, since I don’t have the money to really buy gifts for everyone I love, like, admire, want to annoy, etc, here is what I would buy from Sky Mall if I were allowed an unlimited budget.

To My Boys (all three of them) Because they love trains!

To Sarrah’s Impending Bundle

To the Ladies at Fit Feminist for keeping it classy on the bike

To The Bloggess…because she always needs it despite what Victor says (sorry it was never real)

To my sister, the English major

To my uncle, because he is Bob and this is his motto

To my other uncle because he’s cool enough to watch and quote stuff like Monty Python

For Julie, because who doesn’t need a scarf that doubles as a purse!

For Steph who is not chewing glass, and she knows why

For my friend Stacey who is the biggest Yankees fan who no longer lives in NY (wish it opened wine too)

For my in-laws who sometimes love their doxies more than their own grandchildren

For KP the Iowa Girl who loves an easy appetizer option and blackboards

For my nephews because it’s the kind of gift you give someone else’s child so they can be annoyed by it, and remember, unlimited budget here

Jeri, don’t think I forgot about you!

And, if I could get myself a little something, I’m not sure which of these I would choose:

You know….to combat the whole Fitness Blogging dilemma.

If you’re in the market for some practical and moderate Christmas gifts, check out the round up Stacy has going on over at her site here. Enjoy the last of your Thanksgiving meal, family time, etc. Drive carefully and I’ll catch up with you more tomorrow for some Friday Fast Tips!

Did you do Black Friday shopping on Thursday?
Have you ever bought anything from Sky Mall?

Are any of these gifts ending up on your list?!

Thanks Amanda!


4 thoughts on “TOLT #2 – Shopping for Christmas Already?

  1. Haha. No shopping on Thursday or Friday and as much as I would like to do Small Business Saturday, I ran out of money in the gift budget this month. I haven't bought anything from sky mall nor have I seen the catalog.Thank you for the bacon spread. It may be just the thought that counts but the drool is real.


  2. We went to the new Home Goods store in CR…..they've really started to spruce up the NE side with a Fresh Market and a Chipotle. I was kinda bummed I didn't have enough money from the trip to go and do a little shopping. I would have totally looked for some real bacon spread for you! Hope you had a great time at the parents'!


  3. It wasn't the vacation I thought it was going to be. Mom got gates for the stairs but nothing else is child proofed and she has decorative stuff everywhere!!! It was exhausting.


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