Walk the Line

Okay, so before I write my post for today, I should totally say that I am not very good at reading directions all the way through the first time. So, all of the Thinking Out Loud posts I’ve done this far have not linked to the desired location and I have since had to go back and figure out how to do this correctly….so now that I’ve got it, let’s talk some more Gates in my random thought list for this week.

Day 42 reading covers more of that dreaded immoderation vs. moderation concept of brahmacarya. But my favorite part of it all is that it reminds me that taking the middle path of life will create more balance on my life, whereas if I veer off the path too far I will become side-tracked and my life goals can become compromised. So, as I meditated that day I said to myself….walk the line. Now because meditation is a sorting of the thoughts, here were things that came to mind during this meditation as displayed in random pictures from the internet for your enjoyment.

I Walk the Line

What Goes Around, Comes Around


Laws of Motion

The Golden Rule

In summary…YUM! Whee! Watch Out! Hahaha! and Read that book to your kids; it’s cute.

Do you veer to one side or the other?
Do you believe in Karma?
How have you practiced the golden rule lately?
Did you like physics class?
Thanks Amanda!