TOLT #5 – How Many Do You REALLY Need?

Can you believe that Christmas is just ONE WEEK FROM TODAY?! Well, here’s a big shout out to one of my favorite bloggers, The Bloggess, because she’s doing something really great this holiday season and I hope that people do not abuse it. Please go here and read this and help out if you can. I can’t this year because I fall somewhere in between those who need the help and those who can help and that is the whole reason behind this totally random list for the:

Remember how all I’ve been talking about for the last few weeks (off and on that is) is MODERATION? Well, with Christmas approaching I’ve kind of got myself upset over gift giving and shopping and being American and commercial. Basically, I hate getting gifts and usually just tell people it’s not necessary. Well, this year I actually came up with a list of things I kind of needed and that was the first frustrating thing for me. When someone asked me what I wanted, I actually had something to tell them and I would be lying if I didn’t tell them what it was. Here are some things that were on my “list”:

  • A new address book because mine is currently the back of a date planner from 2010 and has run out of spaces long ago so that now people share. It is by no means organized and hardly legible. To my friends: Please stop moving! 😉
  • A new camera because our family one gave up after over 4 years of regular use back in June. My children now think that every time I pick up my dilapidated cell phone that they should smile and say cheese so that I may get a grainy snapshot of their existence. I don’t need anything fancy, my old one was a clearance point and shoot from Target.
  • A Pilates ring and small hand weights because my fitness center consists of a yoga mat and physio ball. My husband also built a pull-up bar and dip station in the garage, but I’d like to expand my regimen a little this next year.
  • Oven mitts, a skinny scraper, and a hand mixer. I set the first item on fire and now have barely a pair and they kind of let the heat in. The second item got cut and I didn’t think it was safe to keep using it because I wasn’t sure what was growing inside. And the third item also gave out in June while making my youngest son’s first birthday cake. It has been replaced (generously) with my in-laws’ stand mixer that they were not using, but I’d still like the small hand mixer for back-up.

And then came the clothes discussion. I do the “selfless mom thing” a lot and buy for my children and not for myself. My husband works full-time so I don’t ask for a lot of new clothes for me unless I really need them. This year I asked for some more pj’s because I’m down to five pj bottoms (3 shorts and 2 pants). One pair of shorts I’ve had since 2007 and the oldest pants are from our honeymoon in 2011. Maybe I have enough and that should have stayed off of my list, but then I started looking through the rest of my clothes and thinking that I’m kind of scarce. How many is enough of the following items? Answer in the comments section please. The number in parenthesis are what I currently have.

  1. Bras (2 regular and 2 sport)
  2. Pair of shoes (1 pair of running shoes, 1 pair casual shoes, 1 pair sandalls, 5 pair dress shoes/dress sandalls/heels)
  3. Jeans (1 pair of beaters, 1 pair that fits nicely, 1 pair that I may never get into since having the second baby)
  4. Sweaters (None)

Finally, I have a random question about sheets. We have two sets for our bed and I always take one set off, put a clean set on, and proceed to wash the dirty set within the next 24 hours. Yet, everyone I’ve asked says you need 3 sets of sheets. What is so magic about the number 3? My husband also says we need another set. Am I crazy here? How many sets of sheets do you have?!

In other news, I did push-ups 21-40 yesterday and it only burned a little bit. I’ll tell you more about why on Tuesday when we discuss DOMS. How is your pillar going today?

Thanks Amanda for letting me unload my brain!

5 thoughts on “TOLT #5 – How Many Do You REALLY Need?

  1. I've decided to try and get one new bra and one new pair of jeans this year. Michael got me a lot of pj's for Christmas, but all the wrong size, so I returned them and am on the hunt for the jeans right now. Mostly because I've decided that I no longer like a low rise jean…..these are the pair I really want, but they don't have them in my size! 😦 these they do have, but have rips in them and I'm not sure I want ripped jeans any more, none of them are currently on sale at a price I could afford.


  2. I do like the Silver ones and usually get them at the Maurice's Outlet for about $35-40. A pair can last me several years (the ones I have that are ripped are from Colorado!) I just made one old pair into shorts this summer that were bought right before I got pregnant with Ike and of my other two pair, one is from Colorado and the other was bought right before getting pregnant with Eli. Old Navy jeans tend to either be too short or too long for me.


  3. Old Navy now has 3 different lengths. Regular, long, tall. I tried on the tall and thought they were too long but forgot about the shrink factor and got the long instead and now I wish I had gone with the tall. Won't matter too much anymore since they are starting to get big and I'm fitting into some 8's. 🙂


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