TOLT #6 – behavior change in the new year

Happy New Year!

I’m sorry it has been so long since I posted on here, but I decided to enjoy the holiday season a bit. We spent time with friends and family and relished in watching our children start to understand Christmas….and not just the commercial part of it. However, I will say that Ike spent all of one day saying, “What else did I get?” and then the very next day, “I got so many presents!” The highlight of the year was watching the two boys get to play on their new playset that they asked Santa for. It meant (to them) that Santa really does listen and that is everything to kids their age.

Last night we met up with some friends for our 7th annual New Year’s Eve Mexican Dinner tradition. It’s something random that happened to us over the years and we just made it our own. Funny that no matter where we eat, my husband always gets some version of tacos and I always get some version of enchiladas. It kind of makes me feel like things never change….in a good way.

Now the new year is here. YAY 2015! And that means that everyone is thinking about change. So many of us make New Year’s Resolutions and many of them are in regards to health and fitness. I hope that that is part of the reason you are here today reading this. But, I might disappoint you in my opinion on resolutions. If you go back to the very first post on this blog you can see that I don’t really pick anything all that drastic. So, how did I do on DE-cluttering my life?

Well, I was successful in continuing to get rid of things throughout the year that we no longer need. We unloaded a lot of baby stuff before our move as well as other non-essentials even though we moved to a bigger house. I have Let Go of some serious emotional baggage and things that were weighing me down mentally. And I finished a lot of projects that I intended to do. I even got all (but one) of my gifts ordered and sent before the year ended.

Things I did not finish include one writing project that has been looming over me for almost 4 years now and I’m not sure if my heart is in it any more to finish it; one sewing project; and my desk still looks like someone threw up on it. (I did get a new phone and a new camera both which take better photos so you’ll see more of the desk this year and my progress with that.)

For now though, I’d like to tell you about what’s coming up in the next 12 months.

This is the Year in Preview!
  • Each month will bring one new fitness challenge
  • A lot more links to other great reads
  • Continue with our regular weekly schedule (brought back tomorrow with Fast Friday)
  • A give away at the end of the year (more details to come)
  • My new yearly goals (see below)
    • Continue with de-clutter (including staying on top of reading other blog posts, professional journals, and books on my to read list)
    • Continue Meditations from the Mat for mental health
    • Continue push-ups, but now every 3rd day of the month for January so as to better rest and recover
    • And the big one is……..(imagine drum roll)
Here are some links that are really speaking to me and how I want to look at my health, fitness, and life in general. I’m tired of trying to view myself in a set of standards and so my goal is to see myself as a stronger me this next year.
What is your new goal? Or do you do resolutions?
How are you doing with your fitness challenge?

What did you leave behind in 2014? 


2 thoughts on “TOLT #6 – behavior change in the new year

  1. My resolution is to not speak ill of my husband. Help me out with that!Fitness…hehe, I took a break over Christmas and am getting into the swing of it now that Alexandria is back in school.Hopefully, I left a lot of crap in 2014…it was a bad year.


  2. I can totally help you out with that! I work on that one every day! LOL! Husbands are men and men are different than women. If he's not talking crap about you, then just give him the same respect that you feel you deserve. The golden rule and all. Life (and treating people kindly) is not an easy task, but you can always call me when it's giving you a hard time. I will answer as long as I'm not stuck under life myself.


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