Fast Friday: Fitness Gear for 2015

I wrote a few weeks ago about exercising in the cold and how important the right kind of gear was for making that work correctly. I want to review different training gear for you from time to time and the latest item I’d like to get my hands on is a bar so that I can do some ABT (asymmetrical bar training).
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This might be a fitness challenge for us later this year!

For Christmas this year I received my much anticipated Pilates ring and I will be sharing some great exercises for the ring on a later date during Tone It Up Tuesday. I will probably also review the ring I got sometime next month (after I’ve had some time to break it in). But I started thinking about what other kinds of things I’d like to have in my “home gym”. So, here’s a list of some simple ideas to get you started at home for 2015!

1. A watch.

This is the one my husband and kids got me for my birthday back in September. It’s a very basic Timex Ironman watch and does everything I need it to including keeping time and has a feature for setting a timer if I want to do intervals. A watch is nice because it keeps your hands free unlike a phone does. And one of the best ways to measure if you’re improving at anything is by how much time it takes you to do or how much longer you can do it.

2. A good pair of athletic shoes.
You can read here about my current running shoes that I purchased back in August. It’s been quite a few miles and I think I am in need of an upgrade again….probably next month. I recommend switching out your shoes every 4-6 months depending upon what you’re using them for.

3. A fitness ball.

A very versatile piece of fitness equipment for you to sit on at your desk, while you watch tv, or eat dinner and it will help improve your posture and CORE strength. You can also do ab work, lower body work, and upper body work with the ball while working on balance.

4. A mat.

This is one of my yoga mats that I use for almost any exercise because I also have a carpeted floor to workout on. If you don’t have a carpeted floor to put the mat on, I suggest a cushioned mat for keeping the body well supported during many exercises. My philosophy is that if you can’t do a body weight exercise, than there is no reason for us to load the exercise, so start there….on the mat. If you plan to do yoga then you need a sticky yoga mat instead of a general fitness mat. They yoga mat is longer and “sticky” so that it won’t slide and you won’t slide on it when getting into your postures.

5. I couldn’t decide on what would be my number 5 go to for the start of the year. My thoughts included hand weights, resistance bands, my new Pilates ring, and a good supportive sports bra.
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And as I cannot decide, I’m leaving it up to you:

If this were your top five list, what would be in it?

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