Simple Simon Sunday: Menus of Greatness

In 2015 I want my family to get back to eating the way we did when my oldest son was younger. We’ve veered off course a little with the second little guy and it shows. He has a hard time with whole vegetables….cooked or raw. I am not sure why as his older brother will eat ALMOST any vegetable we throw at him, though he does has preferences on how they are served. The littlest guy also has issues with some forms of protein, grains, and dairy. However, with fruit we’re all in, all of the time!

I looked back through my notes recently and found a post I’d been meaning to write that falls right into this category and could be perfect for our Simple Simon Sunday this week. In the Day 44 reading Gates writes about life and yoga “….is about your actions, not your good intentions.” (p. 58) He suggests that it’s not easy, but if you want greatness…act great. You may need to fake it at first, but that’s how you get there.

I want to eat more whole foods this year and I want to spend more time finding healthy food options that my family will love, but that also do something for ME and my wants and needs. I find that I eat whatever is around and I spend a lot of time grocery shopping for what I think will make them happy. And maybe more specifically my husband who is southern and was raised on food that I don’t even want to see in my kitchen, let alone cross my lips. My husband is not a bad person, nor does he eat bad food all of the time, but he is definitely the instigator in sweets, chips, crackers, etc…all of the processed foods.

I’ve spent the last few days deciding if I want to eat these to make them disappear or to give them away….I’ve also spent the last few days doing both.

A few weeks before Christmas, when I traveled to Vermont, I had the opportunity to eat whatever I liked again. I always get that opportunity when I travel because I don’t have a family to plan for and I don’t have to share. Now, granted, my choices are often limited because I am living out of a hotel, but I want to tell you about the wrap I had for lunch on my first day of teaching. It was from this little farm stand restaurant called Cafe Loco that features Harlow Farm Organic Produce. They are closed now until May, but if you’re ever up that way…EAT THERE!

I had a veggie wrap because they were currently out of turkey. Normally I go for something with meat in it, but I figured I could do without it that day. I wasn’t going to be doing anything other than teaching for the day and so I didn’t really need the turkey. My wrap contained a spinach wrap with avocado, sprouts, spinach, carrots, black olives, and goat cheese. I ordered my wrap and was promptly asked, “No dressing?” I replied with, “No dressing.” A few minutes later someone approached me from the kitchen to ask, “No dressing?” I again replied, “No dressing.” I felt kind of fearful that perhaps I’d made a bad choice concerning my wrap and that it would somehow be lacking without the moistness of dressing. It wasn’t. It was wonderful and fresh tasting. It was crisp and creamy. I could have eaten two! This experience told me that I wanted more meals like this. Ones that tasted real and less like they came from a can.

So, now I’m on a quest. I have two food bloggers that I follow on the regular and test out meals from them on my family: Monique at Ambitious Kitchen and Kristen at IGE, but I still have regular fails. So, in preparing to take action and not just have good intentions, I’m spreading my wings a little wider to find more food choices that my family may love in three simple steps:

  1. Eat with the seasons (again you’ll have to subscribe to IdeaFit for this article, but totally worth it!) I read this great article and outlined some foods that I want my family to eat more of this winter including: seaweed, barley, black beans, pumpkin, winter squash, oats, quinoa, kale, grass-fed/pasture-raised beef, fish, root vegetables, and herbs like rosemary or dill. We do some of those, but not as much on the regular as I’d like. (I will share the other seasonal lists as we go through this year)
  2. Be more adventurous – I recently found this recipe over at IGE that uses Brussels sprouts (a food I’ve never once tasted) and then I saw them growing at the local gardens today. I really want to see if my children will enjoy them and if I will too. There are so many foods I haven’t tried yet and want so much to expand my color palette and theirs as well. They’re not too old to change and neither am I!
  3. Eat more whole food – and add to that knowing where my food comes from. I am all set to plant my gardens for the year soon. I want to start simple this year with more herbs to enhance the flavors of our foods and some things that are staples in our diets (tomatoes, onions, peppers, sweet potatoes, and squash) and we’re also trying out some pumpkins just to see what happens. But I always want to frequent our friends’ farm more because we’ve had their veggies and herbs and chickens and I love the taste as well as knowing who grew/raised my food.

I’m not going to do any of this with the mindset that I will change the world, but because it will make me feel better about me. I just keep thinking about the way I felt eating that wrap and want to enjoy my food that much every day and every meal!

Where do you get your food?
Where do you get your recipes?
What’s something you’ve never eaten? 

2 thoughts on “Simple Simon Sunday: Menus of Greatness

  1. I get my food from the grocery store. :)I get my recipes from everywhere!I've never eaten seafood (other than fish – but I don't eat that now)Brussel sprouts are good covered in cheese sauce or sautéed at high heat to really carmelize them…or broiled with olive oil and S&P


  2. The covered in cheese sauce is what I'm trying to get away from. Fish is delicious! We are having flounder (that Michael caught) on Thursday night. I really hope we do fish tacos with it because that means a lot of avocado/mango salsa with peppers and onions and lime juice and cilantro. Those kinds of things taste soooo good to me! I've never had it, but I wonder what black beans would taste like in a fish taco?I forget….what is your avoidance of fish?


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