Meditation Monday #6: Buckle Up; It’s a Wild Ride!

You know that huge cliche: Life is a Journey….blah, blah, blah… Yeah, I’m that tired of hearing it and saying it. I feel like, as personal trainers, it’s one of our regular vocabulary phrases ingrained into our minds so that we can spit it out as regurgitated motivation. Only, after you’ve heard or said it that many times….it stops having any effect.

It’s been almost a whole month since I last posted a Meditation Monday and today I sat down to really think about some of the readings in Gates book (Day 45-48). The message was the same over and over again…

  • Respect the process, not the progress
  • Let go of power and control
  • Check in with reality; live for the moment

And my favorite, “we must constantly adjust our ideal in order to accommodate real life.” p. 64

In all honesty, I needed to hear exactly these things. It’s the beginning of the year and I needed my own wake up call to remember that I need to check in with where I am at and to enjoy the ride as I continue to try and change my life to be more of what I’d like it to be. I’m not one of those people with delusions of how it will be so peaceful and serene and the world will be easy once I have “achieved a yogic lifestyle”. No, life is hard and it’s always going to be that way. But, I have it within me to do great things and to be happier as I approach each and every challenge.

As you approach the new year and any possible resolutions you may or may not be making, consider the following:

Why do I have to get something out of this in the end?
Why can’t I get something out of making the change?
Where am I?
Am I lost in something else or am I here, experiencing life?
What am I passionate about?
Can I feel joy from being of use and serving a purpose?
Am I flexible to change?
Am I okay with the fact that it’s not going to go exactly as planned? 

2 thoughts on “Meditation Monday #6: Buckle Up; It’s a Wild Ride!

  1. My resolution is not a goal for myself but for myself and my husband. So not only do I get something out of it, he does, too.I have to be flexible to change…I have kids.No, I hate it when things don't go as I have planned, which is why I usually try not to plan (except for Dr. appointments and meetings with people) and when I do, they get changed or altered and I get very frustrated. BUT that has nothing to do with my resolution…so I'm good.


  2. What are you like when you're frustrated? For me it feels like I'm boiling over and I like to exhale to let the steam out. It works most of the time, unless someone says something about it and then the pressure builds right back up. I know I have some issues with my temper (I always have), so that's where yoga has really helped me. That and letting go of being vengeful and holding grudges. Do you journal or have any other outlet for your frustration?


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