Simple Simon Sunday: The Story of Flax

I’ve been at my in-laws all weekend and that always makes me feel like I’ve eaten poorly. I try not to think of food as bad food or good food, but it’s something that I think all women have grown up with at some point in their life. I still remember my great-grandmother saying, “Once past the lips; forever on the hips.” I will say that I do not live with a diet mentality, but rather that I choose my foods as bad or good by the way they make me feel and how much energy I derive from them. A lot of this philosophy came from my time living/working at Green Mountain at Fox Run. Another thing I learned about while I was there was FLAX!

You may remember that one of the items on the list of changes suggested by my (now former) doctor to all of her patients was to include flax in their diets. She even told me that I could easily raise my HDL’s from 54 to the desired 60+ by incorporating it into my diet more often. I see so many recipes that list flax as an optional ingredient. In lamenting to a friend of mine about the cost of flax and how my doctor must have purchased stock in the commodity, she decided to send me some……a HUGE box of it! So, now I’ve been tasked with using up all of this flax before October 2016.

There were FOUR bags of this stuff in the box.

I read on the package about the “history of flax” and noted that the Greeks and Romans would eat handfuls of this stuff as if it were nuts….
We’re part Greek, so we gave it a try….not bad, but not great either. My oldest son complained about the seed stuck in his teeth. I sympathized because I have a permanent retainer. So, on to the next use: “adds a crunchy quality when making muffins…” Check. But maybe I didn’t add enough because it was very randomized crunchy. I also tried it whole on my Honey Bunches of Oats cereal and really enjoyed it. I remember adding it to yogurt at GMFR.  I have yet to try it ground into powder and added to other items, but here’s what we’re going to try it in this week:

Pictures of mine to come next week.

My family is trying to get away from the mundane cereal for breakfast this week, so we’re going to bake some breads etc and add some flax to them to see what we can get. Why is flax important?

Well, it has Fiber, Lingans (plant antioxidants), Alpha-linolenic acid (aka omega-3s), and even packs 3g of protein for each serving (only 2T)! All of this, according to the package, makes it Xcellent! Hahaha! Bob you kill me!

Have you ever tried flax?
What is your favorite flax recipe?

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