Tone It Up Tuesday #11 – Exercise is the Answer!

It is raining here. 😦 The kind of rain that makes you feel like you live in Seattle. So, we stayed home today and are baking the bread recipe from Sunday’s post. Yesterday was the 12th, which was supposed to have a Meditation Monday post, but my sister came to visit and visitors always throw my whole life off schedule. I was not able to go for my run yesterday, but did do my push-ups an Warrior series. Today, though, my sister was kind enough to stick around a little extra and watch the boys so I could run. I don’t feel like I’m off of my goals because I did spend a lot of time on the fit ball yesterday bouncing. Come back next Tuesday for cardio on the fit ball and other exercise routines with it.

But today is Tone it Up Tuesday and I’ve got a good and funny one planned for you this week! Hopefully you’ve all seen You’ve Got Mail by now (or at least my other reference to this great movie….seriously, if you’ve never watched it, stop everything and get on it!) and perhaps you remember this scene where Tom Hanks says that all questions in life can be answered by The Godfather?

Well, the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) has done you one better! Every one of your New Year’s Resolutions can be reached by EXERCISING!
Exercise is Key to Achieving Top New Year’s Resolutions
Here are some of the top New Year’s resolutions, from losing weight to falling in love, and how exercise helps Exercise is Key to Achieving Top New Year’s Resolutions

And in light of this AMAZING news, here’s one new move to try this week; got 60 seconds?

Go Jenna!