Fast Friday: Fitness Trackers

I’m actually writing this post on Thursday due to a very busy schedule I have for the next few days, but I really wanted to start a discussion about this to get some idea of your interest on the subject….especially with the end of the year give away only 11 months away! 😉

This morning (Thursday) I went for my run as it was the 15th and then squeezed in my push-ups and Warrior series while the kids napped and I made dinner for some friends who recently had a baby. But during my run I was thinking about a blog post that I read recently over at The Next Delusion. I have seen a lot of these vivofit and fitbit and other such items on the market and I have really wanted to try one, but I’m not in the position to purchase one at the moment.

As you know, I currently work with my old school watch timing system and then travel over to (so wish they would sponsor me) to log my workout and see how I did. MapMyRun has an app for your phone also and several of my friends have used it on our walks. My new phone is great, but too big to carry for my runs, so I don’t have the app. My phone does, however, have it’s own fitness tracking software: S Health. I’m assuming the “S” is for Samsung. I have yet to use it as I have some hesitation about letting my phone know everything about me. Also, I don’t carry my phone around with me all day, so it wouldn’t be able to accurately track my movement for me.

The fine ladies over at Fit Feminist have done a few posts about tracking items (Data Geek, No Gadgets, Health App, Sleep) too. Overall, I have remained pretty behind the times when it comes to all of this technology in my industry. I still use the website with my personal training clients (most everyone has switched to My Fitness Pal and others beyond there) and I still set out to just keep track of things myself instead of letting my automated device make choices for me. I’d love to know what you think.

Do you use a Fitness Tracker?
If yes, which one and how do you like it/why did you choose it?
If no, would you use a Fitness Tracker; why or why not?

One thought on “Fast Friday: Fitness Trackers

  1. I just bought a Jawbone. I liked it because it was in my price range and kept track of sleep patterns and reminds me to move if I haven't had enough steps and can vibrate to wake me up at my optimal time for less drowsiness during the day.


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