TOLT #9 – Totally Random Thoughts

As I said earlier this week, my mom was here for over a week and then the family all had random ailments that kept me from my regular schedule. That said, I bring you the totally random thoughts that I missed out on sharing with you during that time.

1. Usually when my mom is here it gives me a mental break from things and I feel like I get more done and catch up on stuff. (See my posts about that here and here) However, this time around I was hit with a bit of an odd stomach cramp and some other things that got in my way. I ended up feeling like I ran her ragged (THANK YOU MOM FOR ALL OF THE DIRTY DIAPERS YOU CHANGED!!!!) and then she was gone.

This got me thinking about my time management skills (you can look back and find many posts in which I talk about this dilemma) and how this is another area in which I’d like to see myself as stronger this year. I’ve gotten better about posting on my blog (except for that week and a half) and keeping up with the housework/meals, but there are many things that take much longer than planned. By the way, this is a scheduled post as I actually found time to write it ahead of schedule.

2. The other day I washed the dishes by hand because I didn’t want to unload the dishwasher. Sometimes housework feels like a battle that will never be won….I mean, why does my 20 mo mess up his room exactly 3.5 seconds after I clean it? Should I just stop cleaning it?!

I end up doing laundry EVERY day at our house. How can 2 adults and 2 children come up with so many clothes/towels every 24 hours? And why does dinner always take 2 hours to make when the recipe says 40 minutes?

PS-If you write a food blog, it’d be nice if you put the amount of time expected to complete a recipe. I hate when you just post how long to do each step and then I have to do the math to figure out if I can reasonably make your meal that night.

3. I am drowning in personal projects at the moment. Could I please pay one of you to come and watch my kids for a few days so that I could catch up on some personal projects? Like finishing baby books? Isaak’s is almost complete, but I still have to print the pictures off and put them in. I would love to have Eliot’s done and his growth chart both ready before his birthday in June. I have the most beautiful baby books (check out Pamela’s work here, she made us a custom one with alligator patterned fabric on the outside for our littlest guy and we purchased her sock monkey design for the older one) and although I have two boys, I want them to have something to represent how much I loved that time in their lives. I don’t want to be the mom who put in all of the effort for the first kid and then fell off the wagon for the second.

I also have shoe boxes full of cards and other memorabilia and a ton of photos logged and backed up of their lives. I would love to find the time to put these into scrap books, but would settle for scanning in a bunch of it and making some really nice Shutterfly books. Let’s aim for catching up on that by the time Eli hits school….

4. For no apparent reason, other than I wanted to, I ran up and down my stairs ten times yesterday. I am trying to find ways to keep myself a little more active each day and while the kids were napping I chose to do some stairs. I probably should have devoted some of that time to cleaning or working on personal projects, but I did stairs instead and then dove head first into the end of this book:

I cannot even begin to tell you how funny it is and I totally recommend you checking your library for a copy!

5. I quit taking my birth control this week for several reasons. The first is that the whole purpose behind taking it was to help not feel like I couldn’t move for two days of my cycle. But, now I’ve been having issues with more frequent cycles that last longer than expected… weeks. The particular pill I was on is also supposed to clear up your skin, but mine all of a sudden looks like I’ve been cleaning it with french fries and bacon. I decided to read some reviews on it after deciding that the doctor who prescribed it is a total quack and I am never returning to her and guess what I found out….MOST of the women who posted a review on this med said that they had mood swings, weight gain, longer cycles, more frequent cycles, horrible cramps, bad acne, and even worse…..somewhere between 6 and 12 months in a lot of them suffered serious blood clots that sent them to the hospital. Hmmmmmm…makes me wonder about my weird stomach pains earlier last week. I’ve also put on almost 10 pounds since starting this medication and I didn’t really feel like it was all due to holiday travel/eating/less exercise.

6. And finally, if I were a mom to girls, this is the first piece of advice I would give her about dating: 

If you are dating a guy, ask him to name three things about you that he was/is attracted to. If they’re all physical features, walk away.

Trust me, my boys will be lectured on this as well.

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