Tone It Up Tuesday #14 – Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Rain, rain, go away…..I wanted to roller blade today!

I am auditioning for a new yoga teaching position today and I wanted to go roller blading today so that I could use my gentle yoga sequence that I will be teaching to stretch out from the experience. And while it was beautiful and sunny yesterday (and should be for the rest of the week) it decided to be cold, rainy, and windy all day today. My kids are bummed too!

So, what do you do when the weather throws a glitch in your plans? You have a back-up plan! That’s another part of goal setting that we haven’t discussed yet: Planning for Barriers.

Common barriers to exercise people will often give are things like Time and Cost. My answer to both of those are that you’re just making a choice. You choose how to spend your time and if you choose to sit and watch tv or read or blog or Facebook/Tweet or play video games or whatever it is instead of exercise….then you had the time and you just chose to do something else. You also choose how to spend your money in regards to luxuries like cable, internet, cell phones, clothes, dining out, etc etc etc. I seriously just bought 89cent conditioner because I’d rather spend my money on something else than the $25 bottle that I love from my hairdresser. And, I workout at home, so that’s free-ish.

I’m talking about the barriers that are harder to change. Things like an injury, illness, or the weather. For these things you need a back-up plan. The back-up plan is/are thing(s) that you know IN ADVANCE that you can do if a situation arises that prevents your regular workout from happening. For me today I will be running the stairs in my house and trying to get more than 10 times (down and then up) before the heavy breathing kicks in. I will then shift my roller blading to Thursday as tomorrow is my regular run day. This also works out well for me because my son loves to ride his bike at a park nearby on Thursdays before we go to the library, so he can ride and I can roll next to him. Win, win.

Now it’s off to the stairs for me and I’ll report back about the rollerblading soon. Stay warm and dry wherever you are!

What is your back-up plan?