TOLT #10 – For every season….change

I was just looking back at what I was writing about last year at this time and read my post about my fears of moving to our new house. I feared how my children would adjust and was sad about leaving my training routes and familiar routines. Since that time I’ve come up with SOOOO many more training routes, we are involved in a lot more activities than before, the kids love having their own rooms, and we get to see some of our friends more often than before. Even our good friends who lived down the street from us have now moved closer to our new location. A lot has changed in the last year, but I’m still using my yoga teachings to keep me in check.

All of this prompted me to think about the many many addresses that I’ve had in my lifetime, so here’s a pictorial review of some of the copious residences I have held.

Home Sweet Home in Iowa
Summer Camp at Iowa State
Freshman Year at Iowa State
21st Birthday in California
Back to ISU
Internship in Vermont
Graduation ISU
West Texas Halloween
North Carolina…after the divorce
Our new home in Elon
Move to Greenville with sister
The Baby at ECU
Our first family home
Our House….for real

This is just a snapshot of my travels and with more emphasis put on the last 7 years here in NC. I see many changes in my clothes and my hair (this doesn’t even catch some of the more unique choices I’ve made) over the last 20 years (that first photo is around age 14), but in all I remember that change can be a very good thing.

Thanks Amanda for hosting!

What’s been the biggest change in your life?