Fast Friday Tips: Nayoya No-No

It is Friday and my upper body is asking for a break due to the push-ups and extra yoga I’ve been doing…..this makes me a little nervous for my next workout tomorrow (Valentine’s Day), but I love my body enough to give it the gift of health and not quit on my routine. Yesterday I was able to try out my rollerblades and I may give them another whirl this weekend, but you’ll hear more about that on Tuesday. Today it’s time for a quick review of my Pilates ring on this edition of Fast Friday.

You can read my official review on Amazon of this product here, but here are the 5 big things I’d like to tell you about the Nayoya Pilates Ring – Premium Power Resistance Full Body Toning Fitness Circle.

  1. The ring is not very sturdy. It has shown serious signs of wear and tear and I’ve had it less than two months and only have been really using it seriously the last two weeks.
  2. The pads are too big. When I perform the exercise for my biceps by placing the ring up near my shoulder, it constantly slips because the pads are just too large.
  3. It doesn’t feel nice. The materials are sort of sticky feeling and, as other reviewers noted, it does have a smell (but I don’t use it much near my face).
  4. It isn’t very strong.  At least one other company that I had hoped to receive a Pilates ring from offers different levels of resistance. This one I would guess is close to the “light” resistance level, but I’m not sure that most people would feel resistance with the ring I have. Perhaps I’m bias as I have used the ones in fitness centers and Pilates studios over the years. 
  5. The cost is not an advantage. The cost of this Pilates ring is advertised as $28.47, but down from a list price of $44.97. NEVER in my wildest dreams would I have paid $45 for this Pilates ring! The two that I have listed below are much better quality and not nearly as costly.

If you’re going to purchase fitness equipment for your home, I recommend these three steps:

  • Determine if you will actually use it – you know, like the treadmill you’ve seen at someone’s house that doubles as a clothes rack….
  • Weigh the cost of the equipment against the cost of joining a facility that has all of the equipment you might want, plus professionals who can answer your questions about using it properly.
  • Ask a professional and buy where they do.

Most fitness centers that I have worked for purchase their equipment from companies like PerformBetter and Power-Systems. These are the two places that I investigated getting a new Pilates ring for my future use. They have professional grade equipment at reasonable prices. Check at your local gym and you’ll probably find something from either of their catalogs on the fitness floor or in a group exercise studio. Here are the links to the Pilates rings:
PerformBetter Yoga and Pilates Accessories
Power-Systems Pilates Rings

As you can see, comparable price and Power Systems offers three resistance levels. I plan to purchase the firm resistance as that is the one I am used to using at facilities I have taught at. I will keep this one because my son likes to play with it and who doesn’t want to encourage their kids to try new exercises?!

Where do you buy your fitness equipment?
Have you ever worked with a Pilates ring before?