Tone It Up Tuesday: Guest Post….Pole Dancing

I have always intended for this blog to be a forum in which I could invite some of the amazing people in my life to share some of their stories of yoga, fitness, parenthood, and just life in general. Today is the first time a guest post has materialized from an idea into a real live post! Yay!

This month we’ve been talking about exercise for fun and on one Sunday afternoon earlier this month I get this text:

Wowsers, pole dancing is hard work!
This came in from my friend Jeri and immediately prompted me to pick up the phone and call her. Thanks to our discussion and some persuasion on my part, here is her story of a fun form of exercise…..
Jeri on the right.
I had never done a pole dancing class before and I was excited! My friend, Jennifer, was turning 30 and she’d had this planned for a fun way to celebrate. As the day was approaching, I felt super excited because I had never done it and had always wanted to. There were going to be 3 of us there. The place looked like a small gym from the outside and the inside was very cold and dark. We started off by learning how to walk around the pole and this was pretty easy. The class lasted an hour and included some tricks and spins. During the class I kept thinking I am going to hit someone with my long legs and the music was not very good pole dancing music, in my opinion. And afterward I had spaghetti arms. The night ended with the drive home. I am sure I would try this again because it was really fun aside from putting together moves, I’m not that kind of coordinated. My recommendation for others would be to go with others you know and can laugh with. And don’t forget about the bruising/soreness/etc. Your arms will be sore mostly and the inside of your legs from spinning around the pole and my right hip was bruised but I am not sure what move that came from. I found out that I am a pretty good pole spinner. Who knew?

We went to Club BFit in West Des Moines, Iowa. There are other classes there and it was even featured on the local news.  For the Valentine’s holiday they offered a beginner lap dance class.

Have you tried or considered trying pole dancing before?
If you are in the Wilmington area, check out Flow Fitness for pole classes.