Fast Friday: Your Body is NOT a Bank Account

It’s 10:03pm on a Friday night in Tulsa, Oklahoma….and you guessed it, I’m on the road this weekend and alone in my hotel room. I thought a lot about writing this post earlier in the day, but then decided to devote my time to my kids since I wouldn’t be seeing them again until they wake up on Monday morning…probably too early for the time I would have gotten back in the night before.

So, here I sit at the Hampton Inn, sweaty, and having eaten dinner way too early so that now all I can think about is a snack. I did finally accomplish the task of working out on the first night I arrive at a hotel and I can tell you that the Hampton Inn needs someone to check out their treadmills and pump up their physio balls! DESPERATELY! Well, enough about me and the smell of travels…on to our Fast Friday!

I recently read a blog post over at Green Mountain at Fox Run written by Jacki Monaco titled: Stop Waiting for Cheat Days. In her article Jacki talks about how people often “save up their calories” for a special treat, to which I responded that people do it with sleep too. How many of you have ever slept in on a weekend day (before kids) to “make up for” or “prepare for” an early day or long nights?

So, as you enter this weekend, try to think of your body in terms of every day life. Don’t over sleep or under sleep; don’t over eat or hold out for dessert; don’t sit around more because it’s the weekend, but don’t be a weekend warrior either. Your body doesn’t know Saturday from Wednesday. Look for a balanced way to live your life.

In what way(s) have you been guilty of treating your body like a bank account?