TOLT: What’s Going On….

I’ve been away from the blog for almost a week now while traveling. I went to Tulsa, well more specifically Sand Springs, to teach a workshop. Here are five posts in one to catch us up!

1. Simple Simon Sunday: Food On The Go
The area I was staying in this past weekend was populated by fast food and I felt like I was drowning in a sea of grease and quickly prepared semi-foods. I am really repulsed by most fast food. The idea of previously frozen, rewarmed, food like items just makes my stomach turn and my mouth feel numb. It sits like a brick inside my stomach and drains me of my energy. I spent this weekend longing for options, but was disappointed at every turn. It all made me feel so rotten and then made me feel even worse for the people who live here. What are their options?

This was the label on a box of chocolate chip cookies from my local grocery store…..not sure I agree with the title “good for you.”
What are the healthiest food options in your area?

2. Meditation Monday #11: Serenity by Luck of the Draw
Do you ever have that moment when everything seems to just click into place for you? On Sunday my workshop was canceled early due to weather. It seemed like all was going down hill. First there was the lack of food options on my trip. Then I had two really bad runs (Friday night on the treadmill and Saturday was short of my 2mi goal for each run this month). Then came the weather. Then it came….my free pass. I was able to catch an earlier flight home and would be arriving to my house before my kiddos’ bed time! I sat on my first flight with that hopefully anticipation and feeling like everything was going my way and then she opened her mouth. The woman next to me, a kindergarten teacher from Atlanta who can’t wait to retire, decided it was her job to tell me all about why Montessori and private schools are wrong for children after asking me only a few minutes worth of questions about my kids. It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the NC public school system, but please don’t judge the choices I make for my kids when you’re no longer fully invested in the ones you are educating.

Do you think that teachers should have to meet higher criteria to become teachers than just wanting to work with kids?
Do you believe in the phrase: “Those that can’t do; teach”?

3. Tone It Up Tuesday: More Fun than a Pogo Ball!
So, Tuesday was our last one of the month and next Tuesday I will be announcing the prize for our end of the year fitness challenge (see here and here). This month I focused on exercising for fun, but still haven’t gotten my jump rope. Instead I was able to play more with my kids and try out rollerblading, but only one time. Realizations about rollerblades that have sat in their box for the past 6.5 years:

  • They may not be the pair you remember that you owned (I guess I sold those to my sister sometime back and had forgotten I’d bought others)
  • The brake may be worn down and not stop you as quickly
  • You are not a rollerblading genius and it’s almost impossible to chase a 20 month old while you’re on them while simultaneously talking with a friend who is pushing a stroller and watch your 4 year old on his balance bike. (Unfortunately this also meant no photos were snapped of the event that lasted all of 20 disastrous minutes)

However, I am still committed to finding more fun ways to exercise and realized that we as parents make one crucial mistake when playing with our kids. The last time I was running around and playing with the boys and I started to get winded, I instinctively said it was time to settle down for a minute. But why? Shouldn’t I want to get my heart rate up and maintain it? Shouldn’t I want them to play just as hard and for prolonged periods of time? I think we need to stop wimping out of play time so that we don’t teach them to quit when it gets a little difficult.

PS-Never choose exercise for fun as your goal in the month that is coldest and most likely to get snow/rain/bad weather.

I found this at the Children’s Museum today….did you have one growing up?


Would you try it again now?

4. Random Thought #1: The South Sucks at Winter Preparedness
I’m always hearing about school closures and major accidents in the south when it starts to snow or sleet or ice up. Here’s  a thought….if you can’t stand the cold; don’t go outside. If you don’t know how to drive in winter weather; don’t get behind the wheel. If school gets shut down every year for a dusting of snow, start investing in a sand truck so that maybe kids can learn something.

My kids may have been born in the south, but they’re midwestern troopers and love the cold and snow and would go outside in the middle of a blizzard if I let them.

How are you dealing with the weather in your area?

5. Random Thought #2: Kids have the BEST vocabularies!
I like using big words with my kids because if they don’t hear a word, they’re not likely ever going to learn it. So, I read them books with large words and I talk to them at a level above what most people talk to kids like. I love hearing them use new words too! For instance, when my oldest son was a very small child (under 2) he would call all trains “Choo Choos”. Even if we called them trains, that’s what he said. So, I continued to use the word train. Eventually, (somewhere between 18 mo and 3) he started identifying different types of trains by their names. There were freight trains and passenger trains and bullet trains. He even learned about Amtrak when we rode it for his birthday. He is now four and regularly calls trains and their compartments by their proper names. Two weeks ago we checked out this book from the library called Locomotive and today he was building a locomotive out of mega bloks in his bedroom. He liked the new word even more than the differentiated types of trains. He has even learned that a train with two engines is called a double header and we’ve learned all about how to use the Johnson bar and throttle to move the train. He has learned about the different valves (tricock) and gauges as well as the drive wheels, pistons, rods, etc on the train. He knows that two toots of the whistle means we’re headed forward and three is back. He’s big into pretending that he’s coupling with you by making a cupped hand and hooking it to yours.

However, kids’ vocabularies can go awry sometimes too. Today we met a new little boy at the Children’s Museum named Brayden (not sure of the spelling, but you get the idea). My son kept referring to him as Raisin.

What kinds of funny things do your kids say?
What is one of their favorite big words to use?

Thanks Amanda!

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  1. I WANT A POGO BALL NOW!!I love talking to my children the exact same way I'd talk to an adult. Sometimes things need an explanation if I see that blank look on their face. But I hate hearing children who use "baby talk" that aren't corrected by their parents or have parents who blindly ignore it. Alexandria's best friend still calls her "Wexi"…something needs to be done about that.


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