Fast Friday: 361°

Wednesday I got a new catalog in the mail of things that I would classify as “Products I’d like to Review” or PILR. This particular “catalog” was from a new shoe company (the brochure states they were established in 2015) called 361°: One Degree Beyond.

It’s no secret that it’s getting time to get a new pair of running shoes. My current pair were christened mid August and have just past their 6 month mark. That means they have now spent the longest amount of time I would ever recommend a pair of shoes to go on a regular exerciser’s feet. I have tallied only 210 miles of running, walking, and biking in that time. Mostly due to weather and the fact that the minimalist shoe ended up not being the most comfortable shoe for me. However, I am ready to move on to something new.

Dear 361°,

I am a fitness professional who does a lot of running and walking during the spring and summer months. I also travel a lot to present fitness workshops to other professionals. Additionally, I write a fitness blog in which I often review products that I use.

I am very curious about your new products and most specifically the Sensation and Zomi lines. However, as a professional who prefers to be able to test out their equipment in store before purchasing, I am hesitant to purchase a pair of your shoes for the list price, plus shipping, and the ability to return the shoes only if they are in resalable condition (ie: never worn outside). I don’t have the ability to really get the jogging feel for shoes in my own house, but have access to a treadmill at the store where I regularly buy my shoes.

I am confused by the difference in descriptions of the shoes within the brochure that you sent me and the website. It seems like both pairs I mentioned might not be for high mileage runners after all. Also, are the prices listed for fitness professionals or anyone who visits your site? I keep seeing “for certified fitness professionals only”, but was not prompted to enter any credentials to access the site. Why do you list a different retail price?

Your product looks really great and I’d love to give it a try, but I am having a hard time finding all of the answers I would need to shell out that kind of money when I could buy an already established brand on clearance with the ability to try it out in person for the same or less money and time. If you’d like to send me a pair to review or direct me to a dealer, I’d be happy to accept either option for examining your shoes.

I am excited to learn more about 361° and what they have to offer someone like me.


Have you seen any new equipment lately that you’d like me to check out for you?