Has Spring Sprung into Your Diet?

First, let me state that I don’t use DIET like a dirty four letter word that most people abhor! Diet, to me, means your way of eating. Some people follow a dieting trend while others commit to a medically restricted diet and still others of us try to follow a “balanced diet”. So the word shouldn’t be as bad as many of us like to believe. (I am not a Registered Dietician and do not claim to be a nutrition professional. My degree and certifications allow me to comment on some non-medical nutrition information like that provided by the government and public health entitites. All other opinions are my own supported by research done and published by Registered Dieticians.)

Here you can read more about my opinion on diets and some of how we’re eating at my house of late:

In keeping with the ideas of a balanced diet, whole food eating, and eating with the seasons, it’s time to switch up the family’s food choices to celebrate today being the first day of Spring! I again encourage you to read this article from IDEA Fit (even though you will have to purchase it) as it has more information than I can provide in these little snippets of blog posts. But the foods we will be focusing on this season include:

  • Sour foods – Lemons, limes, grapes, adzuki beans (don’t know what these are yet) and mangoes (I have two mangoes on the counter for breakfast this morning)
  • Pungent foods – Onions, garlic, ginger, leeks, scallions, cloves, and fennel
  • Dark green cruciferious veggies – Arugula, broccoli, Brussels, cabbage, and kale

This process also suggests cooking foods lightly to help the body detox and adjust from heavier winter foods and prepare for lighter summer foods. We have abandoned some of our thick stews and creamy soups in my menu planning for the next few weeks. We’re featuring some grilled paninis and more meatless dishes to lighten it all up. So, go enjoy your weekend! Get your hands in the dirt and get outside to breathe in that fresh Spring air one deep inhale at a time! Smile, because Spring has Sprung!

 What are you doing to celebrate the change of season?
Have you planted anything yet?
Have you ever eaten Adzuki beans?

5 thoughts on “Has Spring Sprung into Your Diet?

  1. It's sprung here! My youngest has gone strictly vegan and raw for about a month now, and she feels great and is steadily losing the extra weight she was unhappy about. Her skin is clearing up, she's sleeping better, and she says she feels just…better all around. I'm not as disciplined as she is, because dairy and eggs are the building blocks of my life, although I do cook more towards what she's eating now, but I do have to admit that in the last 3 months our refrigerator looks like an ad for healthy(er) food. It's packed with fresh raw stuff at all times, and I found a recipe for homemade ranch-type dressing that you can eat with a spoon. Literally. The veggies are just the vehicle… ;)PS I have planted TONS of stuff under grow lights already (including 40 tomatoes woot!), and we're trying fennel this year, but I don't know what Adzuki beans are…


  2. I am glad that your daughter has found a way to fuel her life that works for her! I would recommend that she check in with an RD to make sure that she's not missing any essential nutrients as can often happen in a restricted eating plan like vegan or raw if you are unaware of all of the necessary proteins (complete, incomplete, and complimentary) etc. If you don't know one already, check your grocery store! If they sell prepared foods they should be employing one who should be able to provide info to you and your daughter free of charge. I used to eat a lot more fennel, but cut it out during my childbearing years because it may or may not have some fertility impact and I didn't want to chance it. But it adds a nice licorice flavor to foods.I hopeyour garden does really well! We plan to get ours in soon and I will write a post about it when we do. My husband built me raised beds because we have really sandy s oil and we have been composting since last fall.


  3. Thanks! I…do… have a nutritionist sister-in-law, but I rarely ask her for advice (because, she doesn't look amazing, so—?), but I will have my daughter do some checking on what to keep IN your diet or supplement with. She does love beans, nuts, and rice etc, but it'd be nice to know what *exactly* she needs.


  4. Another great place for you to visit might be A Weight Lifted the blog by Green Mountain at Fox Run. They have RD's on staff that are always posting about eating and would be happy to answer your questions. Check them out here http://www.fitwoman.com/blog/ . I interned there and highly recommend their staff!


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