As you may or may not remember, I have been in search of a new sports bra (Adventures in Breastfeeding Part Two; Gear for 2015; Gear for the Ladies)….and yesterday this beauty arrived at my doorstep.

I didn’t save up enough money of late to purchase the bra I’d been hoping for from Title 9, but I was able to afford this dandy hot pink number from Under Armour thanks to a bonus $20 off for “crushing it” over at MapMyFitness.

So, I haven’t had a chance to run in the new bra yet (that’s happening later today), but there are already some things that I like and dislike about this bra. The first thing that I like about it is that it feels extremely secure. I’ve been wearing it around all day to get a feel for it and it fits like a new glove…but not the OJ type. It’s comfortable and isn’t padded. The shape of the bra cups is nice and I don’t feel the zipper at all. I took the kiddos to the beach today and chased them around without second thought of what I was wearing. Plus, while it was the only color available in the clearance section, it’s a rockin’ color in my book. Looks great!

ON THE OTHER HAND….the cut of the bra in front of the arm pit is a little awkward. It could just be my body shape, but it’s been rubbing me a little and I felt it from my first try on last night. I chose to wear the bra all day to see if it would loosen up and it doesn’t seem to bother me much, but last night it felt restrictive through the shoulders. I thought that I would not be able to do yoga in this bra, but still could run comfortably enough. I also got sleepy arms in it a little this morning. Also, the zipper is not the only closure apparatus, there is also an eye hook at the top of the zipper. While this made me feel like it wasn’t going to pop open, the zipper is a little tricky to zip up over a chest my size and once it was hooked, I had to reach inside to readjust.

My final complaint isn’t really about the bra itself, but about the sizing. I’m glad I went with my gut and ordered the size I knew I was instead of following their sizing guidelines. I find that same problem with a lot of bra sizing guides, so I suggest using your own discretion.

I’ll be taking to the streets later today for a test run and will report back in the future about how she does. Until then, I’m just enjoying the ability to feel secure and breathe!

Have you ever worn the Under Armour Protege?
Do you have difficulty finding a good sports bra?
Do you use the sizing chart when shopping or go with your gut?

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