TOLT #15 – Things I’ve Been Meaning to Say

It’s Thursday again and I have a lot that’s been floating around my mind of late, so Thank You Amanda for hosting another lively round of:

1. Can you see that two airplanes almost collided over my backyard?! I was outside pushing my kids on the swings and saw them come so close to each other that I had to snap a photo for proof. I don’t think this is normal…




2. One thing I really love about my training program of late is how amazing my arms look to me the day after a workout. Tuesday this week I started teaching yoga for the city and had 3 classes including one at 630am and then back to back sessions that evening at 6pm and 7pm. Wednesday was my regular workout day and I ran 3.14 mi as well as doing most of my regular training routine (more about that next time). Then, this morning I did another hour of yoga teaching at 630am. I am definitely feeling STRONGER than ever! and look at those guns!


3. Have I told you lately that my kids are totally obsessed with muffin making? I’ve been trying to come up with some different kinds and this was one (although it looks delicious) was a big flop at our house. Blueberry chocolate chip with brown sugar and flax seed and oatmeal too. Maybe it was just too much going on at once? Maybe cinnamon and fresh blueberries do not go well together in a muffin? Maybe fresh blueberries just aren’t the ticket when it comes to muffins? Who knows what went wrong, but I do know that later this week I will share this new breakfast cookie recipe that we made up that was a big hit at all times of the day….2 dozen cookies gone in less about 36 hours!



4. Yep, expect another book review in the next week or so. This one has me flipping pages! Click on the book to be taken to an excerpt.







5. If you didn’t read yesterday about my latest purchase, click here. I’ve decided to name her Agnes and that would probably upset my cousin as Agnes is her middle name, but something about this bra said Agnes to me. Also, Agnes and I went on our inaugural run yesterday and we do have some kinks to work out. She is great at securing my girls while I run, but my left arm kept going a little numb-ish, so I’m not sure if it was me, all the yoga I’ve been doing, or Agnes, but time will tell.

6. It’s Bradford Pear Tree season again, so my family is living on Claritin and hope. You can read here about my previous battles with these lovely beasts.



7. Alright, last one for the day as I know I’m probably the last to post to the link-up this week. I’m headed to Myrtle Beach tomorrow to teach a Personal Trainer workshop for NETA. I am taking the hubby with me and the kiddos are going to their grandparents’. So, any suggestions for what to do in MB when it’s only going to be in the 50’s and I will only have evenings free? We will for sure hit up the outlets and we’ve been to House of Blues, so any new ideas and or great places to eat would be highly welcomed. It’s not likely I’ll post again until I get back, so enjoy your weekend and just take each glorious day one breath at a time!

What’s on your mind of late?