Tone It Up Tuesday #18 – That’s what she S.A.I.D.

Welcome back! It’s already Tuesday and the last day of March! How did we get here so quickly?! Why am I using so many exclamation points?! *Warning: this is a longer post*

Weekend Recap
So, I spent the weekend in Myrtle Beach teaching a personal trainer workshop to five amazing people with great energy and personality. They will all make great trainers when they are ready to do so because they are interested in learning the necessary skills to doing so and seem genuinely into helping others. That’s the kind of group that I like to work with.

Wish I had eaten it myself just so I could have taken my own pic, but…

The hubby and I spent a little time at one of the two Tanger Outlet centers while we were in MB and only managed to find some clothes for our kids. We also ate out at Joe’s Crab Shack (we’d never been before) where I learned that one dessert can have 1200+ calories in it. Thank goodness I don’t eat by counting calories and still chose not to indulge in that dessert. I instead devoured some blackened mahi tacos and then shared a waffle cone at Ben and Jerry’s. Yum! We were staying close to Broadway at the Beach, but didn’t spend enough time there to do the touristy thing.

But, now the weekend is over and it’s back to business. I did my run on Saturday evening on the treadmill at the hotel. The fitness center was on the 4th floor, which I found odd, and only had three pieces of cardio equipment. My workout was therefore a little limited as I didn’t take my fit ball nor Pilates ring with me. MISSED OPPORTUNITY! I demonstrate a lot of exercises on the Saturday portion of the workshop, but I don’t use my “regular weight” when doing them so I never feel like I got a great workout which makes having zero equipment that much more disappointing.

So, we got home late on Sunday after picking the kids up and Monday it was back to walking with Brittany. However, I didn’t have my usual double stroller, so I had to improvise again. This time I chose to wear Eli in a hiking backpack and push Ike in the single stroller as we hiked over 4 miles around our neighborhoods and still managed to hit 16:00 miles. Not bad in my opinion, but it hurt and I was quite sweaty by the time we finished.

Why YOGA is kicking my butt!
Today puts me back on schedule for my regular workout, but I’m not doing it. Well, not doing some of it that it. See, since I started my new position with the city teaching yoga, Tuesdays equal 3 hours of yoga instruction for me. This is going to be amped up come fall at which time Tuesdays will mean 9 hours of yoga instruction (including lecture times). Therefore, I’m choosing to cut back on my every third day training when it comes to Tuesdays.

This is my second week of teaching. What did I learn during my first week? I learned that all of my yoga abilities I had built up last fall with lots of practice had been lost over the last few months. While I was still doing my warrior series on my third day workouts, it just wasn’t enough.

SAID Principle
In training there is a principle called the Specificity principle or Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands (SAID). The basic gist of this training principle is that you need to train for the outcome that you desire. For example, if I wanted to get bigger biceps, I wouldn’t just do a lot of squats. Because squats won’t give me bigger biceps.

Up until now the goal of my training has been focused on working some areas that I knew were weaker and doing things that I enjoy. However, now I need to adapt my training focus to meet the demands my body will face on Tuesdays (and Thursdays for 1 hour in the morning) and begin to prepare for the work I will expect my body to do this fall.

My few poses here and there just weren’t enough and I’m feeling it!

So, next week on Tuesday we will adjust the training program and talk about Fitness Challenge #4. Until then I am headed out for my run and just trying to keep breathing through each and every step.


Is your training following the SAID principle?