What to Expect Next

Yesterday was the last day of March and it definitely went out like a lamb here. 70 degrees, sunny, and a nice cool breeze. I couldn’t have asked for better temps for my run, but I could have chosen a better time of day. A half an hour after lunch, in the middle of the day, between yoga sessions, pushing both boys is not my peak performance time. But it was a nice little run and that’s all I needed.

I will talk more on Tuesday about the changes you can expect to see to my personal training routine; more so that is than the info I shared yesterday. But, as we start the new month I just wanted to share a few changes that are coming to our breathing scene here.

First thing is first, I don’t plan to try and post 5 days a week any longer. It’s just not realistic to hit that mark for me every week. I also find myself lacking in content on some of the previously scheduled Simple Simon Sundays and Meditation Mondays. Therefore, the two posts you can count on each month are as follows:

  • The first Tuesday of every month will be our next Fitness Challenge (expect that this coming Tuesday)
  • Each Thursday I will link up with RunningWithSpoons and the Think Out Loud Thursday posts (see tomorrow’s “TOLT”)

Second change comes as a result of the first. I found that many of you comment more and read more if I write in a personal way instead of just straight forward content. I like to write from the place where I’m experiencing things that make sense to put out there in regards to fitness material. So, the writing will sound less text book and more like it did in the beginning….story telling. That also means that the quality of my content will change because you won’t always be seeing posts for the sake of posting. I’ll also try to keep the posts at a reasonable reading length….You’re Welcome.

Third, and I hope this doesn’t loose any of you, but I will be actively seeking sponsorships and products to review for you. A lot of other bloggers do this, but the difference is that currently I’m reviewing places and products without anyone asking me to and I’d like to be asked. Remember that while I love sharing this journey with you, I do still want to make this a gainful venture and I hope that you will stick with me during this process. I will try not to overload the site with ads as we go. I will also be upfront with you about which posts are sponsored and which are just me ranting and raving.

Speaking of….I just saw an ad for Invisalign on my own blog and wondered how my blog knew that I was thinking about changing the hardware in my mouth even before I did a search for such a thing? Creepy!

Fourth and finally, I will be looking into linking up with more bloggers in the future. I have been asked in the past to write for another blog and I plan to take some time to try that out and also to ask more people for some guest posts here. Jeri’s short post about her experience with pole dancing got quite a few views and I’d like to keep them coming with stories from my community of readers. I know you guys are out there and I’d like to hear more about your experiences with the topics I present.

If you have any suggestions for how I can make your readership better, please don’t hesitate to post a comment or shoot me an email.

PS~This is NOT an April Fool’s.

If you write a blog, what’s your best blogging advice?
If you read this blog, is there anything you’d like to see more/less of?