Throw Backs and Search Terms

It’s been awhile since I did either a Throwback Thursday or a Search Term (anyday), so bonus on this

Thanks Amanda for hosting!

Let’s start WAY BACK….
A Throw Back Thursday Photo:

1981 with my Grandpa Bud

I don’t even know why I chose this photo, but probably because I’ve been thinking about my family a lot lately and missing them. Glad I’m going home in May, but it’s not the same any more. Some of our family members are no longer with us and that changes the whole dynamic of home. Spring is a time for renewal and I am looking forward to a year of seeing my family more.

I’m pretty sure that this photo was taken at my Great Grandma Klein’s house and we used to go there for Easter. This year, like the last 5 previous, we will be celebrating with my husband’s family in NC. One year, in particular, I remember that my GG gave me a purple basket (like the kind you store regular household items or bathroom counter stuff in) with a jump rope and other toys like jacks and a yoyo. It was old school, but I loved it and her. Still need to get my jump rope……hey Easter Bunny….are you listening?

Best Easter memory?

A Throw Back Thursday post; my most viewed post in the last year:
behavior change in the new year
With a whopping 46 views! I don’t know how other bloggers manage to have hundreds and even thousands of views on a page, but at just over a year old, my blog is holding steady at 46 for the largest view of any one topic.

How are you doing with New Year’s resolutions?

Other fun stuff of note:
Only +1 post: Fitness Blogging…..Oxymoron or Regular Moron
Most commented post: TOLT: Quitting, Hips, and Weather

A special note of THANKS to Amanda at RunningWithSpoons because of her link up I am up in readership and have posted the most views on the TOLT posts. She also has taken over the number one spot in both Referring URL’s and Referring Sites which was previously held by

What has been your favorite post so far?

Search Terms for the last month:

breathing girl
making a girl ur goal and making life your goal
one girl breathing blogspot

At least this tells me that most of you are coming to the right spot when you get here.

What brought you here?


4 thoughts on “Throw Backs and Search Terms

  1. haha I feel your pain. As a still relatively new blogger, I remember it took a while for vampirestat to not be my #1 fan. Hope you have a great Easter, it's always hard when family dynamics change but great to spend time with any loved ones 🙂


  2. I can definitely relate to family dynamics changing over the years. I don't experience it quite as often since the majority of my family is over in Poland and I only get to see them once every handful of years, but there's a big difference between the way things are now and the way things were when I was little. It makes me kind of sad, but I guess that's just life.Happy Easter, AmberLynn!


  3. Thank you Amanda!My two nephews both live back home and I only get to see them for one holiday per year, so that's sad. I remember all of my aunts and uncles being around when I was growing up. I also hate it for my kids because they don't know my side of the family as well. Skype has been a huge help though!I have a post planned for next week about my aunt who is also my godmother. She had a stroke on St. Patrick's Day, so being away from home right now seems kind of wrong.I hope that you have a great Easter with the family you get to see!


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